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By Tuesday, the Mississippi had already overtopped a levee in West Alton, 32 kilometres to the north of St Louis, forcing the town's more than 500 residents to flee.
It features a slim 40mm solid stainless steel case alternating polished and brushed surfaces, overtopped by a thin and raised unidirectional timing bezel with a larger diameter of 41mm finely knurled with a straight line pattern.
Also known as the town beach, the revetment was built in 1984 to reduce the energy of waves that frequently overtopped the seawall and to prevent erosion of the coastline.
That has caused our flood defences to be overtopped.
Phase-I and II works had become necessary after heavy rains in 2011 which had seriously damaged Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) as water overtopped its banks in many areas.
The Bilberry Reservoir was overtopped and a chunK of banKing was washed away but it held.
Environment Agency chief executive Dr Paul Leinster said: "Flooding of some coastal communities is expected and some defences could be overtopped by the high tides, high winds and a tidal surge.
What happened that night in the darkness was as sea defences and river banks were breached in places by the direct wave action, or overtopped and eroded by the surge sea walls were smashed by the wave action.
Reports said water has overtopped the Mabayuan Bridge and floodwaters are rising in the Olongapo's main streets, crippling traffic flow.
People living in St Asaph, Denbighshire, have been warned to leave the area after the River Elwy overtopped defences amid heavy rain.
Tunisian sportspeople who overtopped competitions and hoisted the national banner high on the international sports scene, deserve to be honoured," Youth and Sports Minister Tarek Dhiab told TAP.
Flooding the low-lying areas, the waters overtopped the National Highway linking Tezpur and North Lakhimpur at three places between Balipara and Gohpur.
The tank soon overtopped, spilling oil into a lined containment area.
Other measures for Ponteland include raising the flood banks on Callerton Burn and the Fairney Burn after they were overtopped during the flooding in September.
The water then overtopped the bridge and ran down the street into the village.