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3D Vision is transformed when optionally paired with the GDL 39 3D, which superimposes back-up aircraft attitude information overtop the Garmin SVX display.
If this tidal surge were to meet the Severn Barrage, it would not be able to move upstream and the increased volume of water would overtop the existing flood defences and would not allow any water to drain of the Levels, making the situation worse.
About a minute into Dan Bodan's debut single "Anonymous," overtop a spare beat that sounds like street sweepers and rattling old coins, the singer drifts in and begins moaning, sounding like the ghost of one of Bertolt Brecht's characters.
The text is set overtop a photo of the five members in suits pulling their most dramatic business-only faces.
The first commercial building, the South Tower, will also incorporate the High Line into its design, building overtop of the park.
Officers were also deployed in Pendine, Carmarthenshire, on Wednesday night where the high tide had caused a stream to back up and overtop.
Apparel: with fall approaching, we may shift to wearing a jacket overtop a lightweight wicking style shirt of top.
Although difficult to see in the photo, Les is actually wearing a steel helmet with camouflaging material overtop of it.
A black and white polka dot waterfall-style overtop with a camisole underneath and ivory linen trousers.
John Mosedale, Flood Risk Manager at Environment Agency Wales, said: "We are concerned that the sea surge could overtop defences along the coast of Wales.
With the student NFO at the controls, we turned north overtop Silverhill NOLF and began a climb to 7,500-feet MSL to set up for a simulated power loss.
Hanson says that about 57,000 of the 80,000 dams in the National Inventory of Dams have potential to overtop.
Brian Reilly followed the evening's trend in attacking late down the middle of the course and held off the gambled-on Overtop Way, although the rider did receive a one-day ban(July 25) for careless riding in hampering Primed Up.
Sit down, sit down," he growled, for he hated--or pretended to hate-big men to overtop him, even in the more physical matter of height which of course none of us can help.
If mismanaged, tidal flows, which often contain salinity concentrations in excess of ANZECC (2000) irrigation criteria, can overtop the drain levee bank causing inundation of low-lying floodplains with saline or brackish water.