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Synonyms for overthrow

Synonyms for overthrow

to turn or cause to turn from a vertical or horizontal position

to bring about the downfall of

the act of defeating or the condition of being defeated

Synonyms for overthrow

the termination of a ruler or institution (especially by force)

the act of disturbing the mind or body

Related Words

cause the downfall of

rule against

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Taking aim at President Obama (of course), the meme suggests that because of their faith, Muslims are seeking to overthrow the US government.
The only way to ensure that the country pursues policies in line with American concerns about democracy and security is to support the contras' bid to overthrow the Sandinistas.
banned all trade with the island and has since supported efforts to kill or overthrow Castro.
Armed thugs overthrow the elected government, killing thousands, flooding the U.
Marking the 100th anniversary of the overthrow of our native government by U.
Heba Yassin, spokesperson of the Popular Current said that this was an attempt to get rid of the opposition by distorting leader's image, "attempting to overthrow the regime is punished by death… we didn't remove a pharaoh to be ruled by another one.
He was arrested on charges of attempting to overthrow the government in 2011, and the trial began shortly thereafter.
They were among 21 men convicted in connection with an attempt to overthrow the government, espionage, violating the constitution and having ties to a terrorist organisation.
Washington has called on Tehran to release an Iranian woman accused of attempting to overthrow the regime in Tehran and sentenced to three years in prison.
BRITISH mercenary Simon Mann yesterday based his sole defence on charges of planning to overthrow an African regime on a plea for clemency.
Eventually it was in part these religious revivals that helped to set the political stage for the overthrow of hierarchal authority and state official religions, the American Revolution, and the collapse of British Rule over the colonies.
OVERTHROW: AMERICA'S CENTURY OF REGIME CHANGE FROM HAWAII TO IRAQ is a 'must' for any concerned about American influences overseas and at home: while the common idea is that America has a tradition of encouraging cooperative democracy, in fact Stephen Kinzer, NY Times foreign correspondent, argues the opposite: the tradition has been anything but benign, sponsoring 'regime change' operations to overthrow foreign governments as a matter of course, not a matter of exception.
In fact, it actually cooperated with the Bush Administration in the overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan, as Hiro documents.