overt operation

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the collection of intelligence openly without concealment

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He added: "We test our counter-terrorism, we test our covert operations and we test our overt operations all the time to make sure we understand what our delivery looks like and how we're able to respond to any particular incident.
Det Supt Julian McKinney, head of overt Operations at he Met, said: "An nformant today, if hey know in 100 ears their identity ill be given over, ay not wish to co-operate with us.
As well as the overt operations Garda chiefs must step their undercover activities and infiltrate these criminal organisations to nail the gang bosses.
Bush carried the art to an unprecedented level; it waged war on Afghanistan and Iraq, instigated wars against Somalia, Lebanon and Gaza, and carried out many covert and overt operations to remove its opponents throughout the world.
needs to account for much of its covert and overt operations there since essentially taking over from the British Empire.
These people have gone to council meetings to report their problems and we are now carrying out more overt operations to show people we are responding to their concerns.
There is a common perception of overt operations as being acts of violence: raids, bombs, assassination, and para-military, but these are far outnumbered by less exciting programs dealing with propaganda, political action, deception and psychological operations.
Campbell's and Axworthy's contributions demonstrate the non-partisan nature of overt operations in Canada.
FOCAL is a useful case study for understanding the extent of Canada's overt operations in Latin America, as well as its inter-connectedness with the U.
We are continuing the robbery crackdown with use of the force helicopter as an eye in the sky and several covert and overt operations to gather intelligence and identify more targets for arrest.
Covert and overt operations have been stepped up particularly in Border areas.
Just for the record, in the 1950s, the US was also involved in covert and overt operations, overthrowing the governments of Iran and Guatemala.
What they call "open intelligence" and overt operations will probably be more valuable.
He said: "We have been doing covert and overt operations in Alpha House and we have football coaching happening every Friday when the main problems are.