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Two familiar examples that contain trigrams RST and STU are understudy and overstuffed. Somewhat more arcane are MNO-NOP words such as limnophile, somnopathy and cremnophobia, all in Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition.
Salman Khan's Eid release 'Bharat' chokes us with that muscular, overstuffed idealism with complete disregard to subtlety.
I wander past the furniture store: stiff brocade, slick cherry wood, overstuffed ottomans-I could sink myself into any seat just to think about that line, I am a woman held fast now in silence .
Object (object.mx) specializes in modern pieces from Mexican designers, and Casa Duhagon (casaduhagon.com) is an overstuffed palace of glazed ceramics and intricate chip-carved tables.
Furniture is plush and overstuffed when not made of wicker.
The online petition was launched by Conservative councillor Alex Yip after anger about mountains of black bags and overstuffed wheelie bins.
filled and filled and filled--stuffed overstuffed, That stopped.
Every chapter could be a whole novel, but the book never feels overstuffed. (Get it for kids in Grades 5-9.)
Police noticed that the area around his waist was overstuffed and when he lowered his trousers, police found 50 capsules of cocaine weighing 1.1kg around his waist.
This pillow bag from the French fashion house, understated, though overstuffed, conjures up a decidedly swanky cushion with its tufted button and super-soft lambskin.
Surely the weight of academic pressures played a role, but the more concrete reason was one that plagued adolescents for generations: A backpack overstuffed with heavy textbooks.
High art it's not, but In contrast with most overstuffed Lifetime movies, the whole family can watch together, and nobody winds up a chalk outline.
Stratos card $95 for a one-year membership Mobile payment startup Stratos wants you to ditch your overstuffed wallet for a single smart card.
"Why lug around piles of paper or overstuffed binders," Google Apps for Education Product Manager Ben Schrom asked, "when every type of document or file can be retrieved from the nearest Chromebook, tablet, smartphone or browser?"
The deeper bins allow more bags to be stowed and let customers load overstuffed bags with less struggle.