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strain abnormally


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A UN official has said that UN peacekeeping forces are overstretched, both operationally and politically, and some missions may be in danger of failing.
SHADOW defence secretary Liam Fox yesterday called for the size of the Army to be increased as he claimed the armed forces were "overstretched and under-strength as never before".
So the more the military is overstretched, the more homeland security erodes.
"We urge tenants attending an open house viewing, or who are seriously considering submitting a secret bid, to have a budget in mind, stick to their limit and not be tempted to overstretch themselves just to secure their desired property.
"So I believe this side should go in exactly the same fashion and overstretch themselves." O'Neill has reaffirmed his desire to bring real quality to the club in the summer.
We need players but if we go signing every big name we can get hold of then we are going to overstretch ourselves and end up struggling in the Premier again.
It says: "Serious problems of undermanning and overstretch in the Armed Forces have been left unaddressed by the Government, which instead has focused on introducing high-tech innovations to tackle 21st Century threats.
That makes it hard to solve the current overstretch problem in what would seem to be the logical way: increase the number of soldiers.
Within the bounds of restorative nursing, caregivers need to understand the basics of the anatomy of muscles and underlying structures - to not overstretch contractures, which can make them worse, but to give those joints a prolonged stretch every day; to understand why residents must maintain good body alignment; to understand the importance of "activity," both mental and physical; to understand the importance of weight bearing; to understand the importance of sufficient fluid intake; to understand the importance of people feeling needed, of giving them all the tasks they can handle within their capabilities - whether it's helping laundry personnel to fold towels and washcloths, or helping dietary set the tables for meals, or anything resembling what they might do in a normal home.
THE GOVERNMENT was today facing more accusations of overstretch in Britain's armed forces after it emerged that nearly half of troops regularly consider quitting.
But he refused to say what figure would represent overstretch, telling MPs he would not "play with words".
They are about to embark and they are on their third term of duty in the last 18 months and that is overstretch by any definition.'
A humid climate will also contribute to the shoe's rapid breakdown because running in a wet shoe will overstretch the shoe's upper aspect (the usually canvas portion) while overcompressing the shoe's lower aspect (the three layers of sole) (Figure 1).
On the other hand, there is also such a thing as imperial overstretch. Priest's accounts of the consequences of past military victories--in the Balkans, in Latin America, in the Middle East during the first Gulf War, and against the Soviet Union during the long Cold War--suggest the list of challenges the United States will face after a military victory in Iraq.
3Don't overstretch yourself - don't tackle a fancy Gordon Ramsay meal for your first attempt as it won't work.