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"More specifically, poor steel placement and spalled concrete, collapsed or failed formwork, failed drainage and signs of overstress in the deck are among our most significant findings.
"And the subway system that is already overstressed will now have to absorb more people.
Based on the overstress concept, an inelastic strain rate was assumed to be a function of both overstress and drag stress.
"I cannot overstress that a really important part of being a successful club is that you get income from player sales.
After your first few 30-45 minute walks, it's time to start running intervals which will allow you to begin exercising at the correct intensity, but won't overstress your body.
The inflammation is usually a result of repeated overstress of these muscles.
More than 85 psi can overstress seals and steering lines.
The overtraining imposed by competitiveness and the imbalance between the mechanic overstress and the functional resistance of the tissues are the causes of the high incidence of joint traumas in the studied batches.
Normal stress motivates but continued overstress may impair workers' health.
"Unacceptable pipe displacement limits and possible overstress conditions in the pipe would be reached at a flow volume of 300,000 bpd," the study noted.
You may need to avoid activities that overstress the joint or use a brace to stabilize it.
Kiran works only for few hours as she doesn't want to overstress herself.
By Hend Fayez Abuenein IN 1998 I had an operation in my abdomen; in 2004, a surgeon saved me from excruciating abdominal pain that he said was caused by overstress! Since I'm a firm believer in the strong bond between body and soul, I naE[macron]vely believed him.
The 310 tool also comes with an expander die to bell the mouths of the cases; an important step to manage bullet seating and not overstress the tool.
Frans Wenas also said that aircraft overstress or bad weather, or a combination of the two, could have been the cause of the crash.