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Synonyms for overstrain

too much strain

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strain excessively


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He started, his nerves were terribly overstrained by now.
'You will not press these overstrained opinions of yours, so far, as to throw any obstacle in my way?'
Ugly and deformed people have great need of unusual virtues, because they are likely to be extremely uncomfortable without them; but the theory that unusual virtues spring by a direct consequence out of personal disadvantages, as animals get thicker wool in severe climates, is perhaps a little overstrained. The temptations of beauty are much dwelt upon, but I fancy they only bear the same relation to those of ugliness, as the temptation to excess at a feast, where the delights are varied for eye and ear as well as palate, bears to the temptations that assail the desperation of hunger.
He said every nerve had been overstrained in some way, and the whole system must sleep torpid a while.
Man is ever clogged with his mortality, and it was my mortal nature which now faltered and plained; my nerves, which jarred and gave a false sound, because the soul, of late rushing headlong to an aim, had overstrained the body's comparative weakness.
The English 'heroic' plays, partly following along these lines, with influence also from Fletcher, lay their scenes in distant countries; their central interest is extravagant romantic love; the action is more that of epic adventure than of tragedy; and incidents, situations, characters, sentiments, and style, though not without power, are exaggerated or overstrained to an absurd degree.
Managing women, the ornaments of their sex--women who order everything for everybody, and know so much better than any person concerned what is good for their neighbours, don't sometimes speculate upon the possibility of a domestic revolt, or upon other extreme consequences resulting from their overstrained authority.
And with respect to the tax as a tool to promote gender equity, I have always maintained that tax policies should not be overstrained. Their primary function is to help finance the needs of development.
It is therefore apparent that financial assistance alone is insufficient to fix a crisis exacerbated by inadequate or otherwise non-existent national refugee policies, and further aggravated by an overstrained demographic reality.
When I was young, my dear old Dad said: "In future, the world will become overcrowded, overheated, and overstrained." When you get to 85, and I hope you pass that Fiona, you will be less tolerant, more grumpy, and NOTHING on Earth will surprise you because it's all been done (or seen) before.
If he found his budget a little overstrained, I suspect funds would be forthcoming as the Surrey Tory-led local authority managed with a "special arrangement" from government.
They have warned that Beijing was overstrained by a population explosion that has sent its population soaring from 10.9 million in 1990 to almost 22 million in 2016.
The NSW interior plains turned into places of ecological and environmental injustice, leaving people unable to participate in large-scale irrigation agriculture with the remnants of an already overstrained land, and often having to migrate.
It is now Russia, not America, whose resources are overcommitted, whose alliances are overstrained. In fact, Mao's visit to Moscow at the end of July seems to have been attended with apprehension lest he ask America to cut Red China in on Operation Abundance--at a price, of course.