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Synonyms for overstrain

too much strain

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strain excessively


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s] may activate the relevant weight-bearing muscles and improve locomotor efficiency [1112] but can overstrain patients [5].
Attempting to force the movement past the point where hamstring length limits it achieves nothing but harm through overstrain of the spinal articulations which must provide the extra movement.
In thermally treated material the deformation scale decreases (owing to the higher ultimate strength and yielding point), whereas saturation with oxygen increases in the volumes of local, close to the surface materials due to the repeated overstrain of a ferrite component of sorbite mixture and higher temperature at the contact.
The social overstrain was and it still is a solid foundation for political manipulations.
Whilst it may mean that you end up with a spick and span abode, if you are too weary to enjoy it, all this effort will prove counterproductive, so try not to overstrain yourself.
High gearing ratios and excessive hill work overstrain the ITB
The other 25 percent may be attributed to alcoholism, social diseases, mental overstrain, training children as mediums, drug addition, cigarettes, etc.
overstrain (eye)sight, and this can have a harmful influence on the entire organism of a person.
Besides, there was the common view that women were frail individuals who just could not cope with the physical exertion that was required in many of the events, Interestingly, Hargreaves (1994) notes that, when the IOC held a conference in 1925 to examine the 'issue' of sport and women, "its medical report was a reaffirmation of the popular nineteenth century theory of constitutional overstrain .
These systems resemble (without wishing to overstrain the expression) those expert systems which, in various forms, have often been promoted in the past.
They drive up housing costs, overstrain and ultimately destroy hospital emergency rooms, road infrastructure, schools, and many other social benefits.
If they overstrain themselves, they make new enemies.
Against this background the growth problem is not the fundamental one of income versus leisure, but how to keep demand and potential output roughly in balance without undesired idleness or inflationary overstrain.
A THOUGH not in pain, he could potentially overstrain one of the legs by putting too much pressure on the non limping leg, which could lead to arthritis.