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Smith, "Implantation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells demonstrates improved outcome in horses with overstrain injury of the superficial digital flexor tendon," Equine Veterinary Journal, vol.
She does not overstrain or exaggerate, and the fact that Czech is not her mother tongue is only revealed slightly and in the case of a few syllables.
Besides, the overstrain of all sites of the digestive system, related to the maintenance of the high level of hydrolysis and absorption, provokes the occurrence of different pathological conditions and diseases.
The full program, which ranges from four to seven days in length, can be strenuous, although the schedule is structured to be partly voluntary, and breaks are carefully worked in throughout the day, so that they don't overstrain the students.
s] may activate the relevant weight-bearing muscles and improve locomotor efficiency [1112] but can overstrain patients [5].
Attempting to force the movement past the point where hamstring length limits it achieves nothing but harm through overstrain of the spinal articulations which must provide the extra movement.
In thermally treated material the deformation scale decreases (owing to the higher ultimate strength and yielding point), whereas saturation with oxygen increases in the volumes of local, close to the surface materials due to the repeated overstrain of a ferrite component of sorbite mixture and higher temperature at the contact.
The social overstrain was and it still is a solid foundation for political manipulations.
Whilst it may mean that you end up with a spick and span abode, if you are too weary to enjoy it, all this effort will prove counterproductive, so try not to overstrain yourself.
His research will identify those subjects with microtraumatic overstrain injuries, associated with repetitive tasks, and correlate these findings to shoulder, cervical and thoracic pathology.
High gearing ratios and excessive hill work overstrain the ITB
These systems resemble (without wishing to overstrain the expression) those expert systems which, in various forms, have often been promoted in the past.
They drive up housing costs, overstrain and ultimately destroy hospital emergency rooms, road infrastructure, schools, and many other social benefits.