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Synonyms for overstrain

too much strain

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strain excessively


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He started, his nerves were terribly overstrained by now.
The Professor, dressed in his only suit of shoddy tweeds, but flapping to and fro on the bare boards a pair of incredibly dilapidated slippers, had thrust his hands deep into the overstrained pockets of his jacket.
'You will not press these overstrained opinions of yours, so far, as to throw any obstacle in my way?'
Ugly and deformed people have great need of unusual virtues, because they are likely to be extremely uncomfortable without them; but the theory that unusual virtues spring by a direct consequence out of personal disadvantages, as animals get thicker wool in severe climates, is perhaps a little overstrained. The temptations of beauty are much dwelt upon, but I fancy they only bear the same relation to those of ugliness, as the temptation to excess at a feast, where the delights are varied for eye and ear as well as palate, bears to the temptations that assail the desperation of hunger.
He said every nerve had been overstrained in some way, and the whole system must sleep torpid a while.
Man is ever clogged with his mortality, and it was my mortal nature which now faltered and plained; my nerves, which jarred and gave a false sound, because the soul, of late rushing headlong to an aim, had overstrained the body's comparative weakness.
The English 'heroic' plays, partly following along these lines, with influence also from Fletcher, lay their scenes in distant countries; their central interest is extravagant romantic love; the action is more that of epic adventure than of tragedy; and incidents, situations, characters, sentiments, and style, though not without power, are exaggerated or overstrained to an absurd degree.
Managing women, the ornaments of their sex--women who order everything for everybody, and know so much better than any person concerned what is good for their neighbours, don't sometimes speculate upon the possibility of a domestic revolt, or upon other extreme consequences resulting from their overstrained authority.
The worst that can happen to a person who puts his faith in his prayer is to overstrain. Like a person who perceives himself to be losing in a tennis game, he hits the ball harder, trying to make winning shots in order to regain his confidence.
The PDP has implicit confidence in the competence of our legal team to handle the diversionary antics and technicalities of the APC to unnecessarily overstrain the tribunal and derail the course of justice in the matter.
* Flexes vocal cords and protects them against overstrain, abrasion, and wear.
Parents should not be overstrain with the excessive fees, he emphasized.
In 1939, the Cambridge University economist Claude Guillebaud published "The Economic Recovery of Germany," which argued that the German economy was quite robust and would not collapse from overstrain or overheating in the event of a military conflict.
In this way, an efficient prevention against overstrain or burnout can take place independently.
Watched closely by dozens of cameras on Thursday, the striker appeared not to overstrain himself during training.