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Synonyms for overstock

an amount or quantity beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate

Antonyms for overstock

stock excessively

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Woodbridge, NJ, August 03, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Consumers looking to leverage more buying power with their dollars can now turn to GoOpenBox.com, a new website offering deep discounts on overstock and open box merchandise.
However, recent movement on this front has caused two patent trolls have to have a change of heart, as both dropped patent infringement lawsuits against Overstock.com, a popular discount online shopper retailer.
So what did Overstock.com do to get the trolls to back down that other victims of litigation claims aren't doing?
"Our stash stock and overstock pieces are either in stock in our distribution center or can be ordered," says Wilson.
Since 1986 Sierra Trading Post[R]has been selling overstock and closeout name brand clothing, outdoor gear, footwear and home decor items.
Instead, overstocks may be the catalyst that will push grocers to consider participating in a B2B portal.
Experts predict that until these factors are resolved, the grocery industry will remain overstocked. It is a strong possibility.
In order to handle returns and overstocks better, ReturnBuy (www.returnbuy.com) has opened a 250,000 square foot facility in Columbia, S.C.
Half of what the company handles is returns and the other half is overstocks. In the case of overstocks, many times the boxes have not been opened or handled by a consumer.
They contend that the math used to add the individual store demand can result in very large, inaccurate forecasts that often do not account for store-level overstocks, understocks or variations encountered with forecasts driven at the store-level due to the slow-moving nature of some items.
The E3TOPS system, the executives explain, uses complex algorithms and data mapping to greatly improve warehouse-to store service levels, decrease warehouse overstocks and coordinate orders between stores and distribution centers, adjusting for lost sales and promotions.
Payments are based on herd size and on grass shortfall, so a rancher who overstocks and degrades his range is actually rewarded by the program.
Shares of Overstock.com (OSTK) are up 6% in afternoon trading, with the strength being attributed to speculation about the company's process to sell its retail business, according to trading contacts.
However, one of Amazon's biggest competitors, the e-commerce giant Overstock, is fast becoming one of the most bullish legacy players in blockchain investing.
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne is staking his company's future on Medici Ventures, the unit that controls blockchain-based trading system tZero and more than a dozen other blockchain startups, according to The Wall Street Journal.