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  • verb

Synonyms for overstep

to go beyond the limits of

Synonyms for overstep

pass beyond (limits or boundaries)

be superior or better than some standard

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Lisa warns him to stay away from her friend, but he claims she is overstepping the mark, and refers to the night he raped her as a simple fling.
MELBOURNE: Australia captain Ricky Ponting apologised on Tuesday for "overstepping the mark" in his confrontation with umpire Aleem Dar in the fourth Ashes test against England.
Summary: Australia's cricket captain Ricky Ponting has apologised for "overstepping the mark" in his confrontation with umpire Aleem Dar.
Weir responded to that allegation and accused Burley of overstepping the mark by criticising the squad's professionalism.
So for him to be castigated over a handwritten letter and a 13-minute phone call over the past couple of days is arguably overstepping the mark. The row about whether his letter contained misspellings or not or the fact he took the trouble to personally speak to Jacqui Janes, only for that call to be relayed to the world, masks the real issues.
Italy have a reputation for overstepping the mark, as well as luring their opponents into doing the same.