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  • verb

Synonyms for overstep

to go beyond the limits of

Synonyms for overstep

pass beyond (limits or boundaries)

be superior or better than some standard

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The pal admitted he "may have overstepped the mark" but added: "There are people who have a history of feuding with Chris Rennard [conducting] a very spiteful vendetta against him in a very personal way.
This is what the communist Agitprop has been clearly doing over the past weeks, absurdly backed by the PP which, in its attempts to target the socialist government, has overstepped the boundaries of political common sense," wrote Spanish paper "El Mundo" quoting Luis Maria Anson.
A spokeswoman for Radio 1 said that, as the show had overstepped the mark, it was felt it would be inappropriate for it still to be available online.
A US family court judge overstepped her authority by ordering a drugaddicted homeless couple to have no more children, a state appeals court ruled in overturning the ban.
Tomlinson thought he had snatched a dramatic victory with a giant leap in the last round but it was ruled a foul because he slightly overstepped the take-off board.
The United States has overstepped its borders in all spheres--economic, political, and humanitarian and has imposed itself on other states.
But when the expression of person A's religion impinges on the civil rights of person B, then freedom of religion has overstepped its bounds in a free and democratic society.
overstepped their authority'' by hearing a case after Congress had removed their jurisdiction in such cases.
In science, Dubos never made exaggerated claims or overstepped scientific evidence.
Even those closest to him reckon Romanov overstepped the mark by sticking his neb into the selection of the team.
The programme producers will go to any length to protect their ratings but the present degrading storylines have overstepped the mark and need to be culled.
I found it to be in very bad taste and it overstepped the mark.
Congress had overstepped its bounds, involving itself in matters that should be left to the states.
Continued DeLay, "I believe the judiciary branch of our government has overstepped its authority on countless occasions, overturning and in some cases just ignoring the legitimate will of the people.
Many Anglicans also wondered if the primates had not overstepped their bounds, interfering with the work of a group that does not report to them.