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('FTI' or 'the Company') announces that there was an overstatement in revenue on the Q3 December 31, 2018 ('F19-Q3') interim financial statement.
Edward-Elmhurst Health said it worked closely with its auditors, Ernst & Young, to determine that the accounts receivable overstatement was an accounting error, and therefore the most recent financial statements for 2016/2017 will be restated to reflect the reduction in accounts receivable.
When the council's audit committee met on Friday to discuss the matter they were keen to stress that "no one had run off with any cash" - it was however conceded that due to the overstatement of the council's budget, by some PS12.5m, there had been a hefty impact on reserves and to debtors.
"It seems to be an overstatement that good treatment is not available," he wrote.
Calling what takes place in Todos Santos for two long weekends this month a full-on festival might be an overstatement, but the Todos Santos Music Festival does boast genuine stars among its 12 (count 'em, 12!) headliners: indie rocker Conor "Bright Eyes" Oberst, the Drive By Truckers, The Jayhawks, and M.
Department of Justice and the California Air Resources Board, resolves an investigation of the carmakers' 2012 overstatement of fuel economy ratings.
The announcement comes as a result of an internal investigation into the company's accounting practices, which revealed an overstatement of profit in multiple periods.
TESCO has suspended another three executives amid the investigation into its PS250m overstatement of profit expectations.
TESCO has been plunged into fresh turmoil following the suspension of four UK executives while it investigates a PS250m overstatement of profits.
The CAG report states: " The Gujarat government wrongly booked expenditure of ` 881 crore on account of grant- in- aid and expenditure of ` 202.27 crore on subsidy resulting in overstatement of revenue surplus to the tune of ` 1088.57 crore".
Kanybek Narbayev is accused of authorization of overstatement of overhead costs for construction of roads in Bishkek.
This "omission from gross income" statute does not apply to an overstatement of deductions and credits, which could similarly result in an understatement of tax liability.
But might I suggest it's an overstatement to cite her triumph as "further evidence that Leicester is the capital of culture"?
This promising research has led, unfortunately, to somewhat sensationalistic "AIDS cure near" headlines in some media--that is an overstatement. The Aarhus approach is, however, a potentially groundbreaking one.