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Synonyms for overstated

represented as greater than is true or reasonable

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Urjit Patel, a former head of the Indian central bank, who had cut short his term as governor abruptly last year, has said that current capital adequacy of Indian banks could have been overstated.
The TV sets were procured at overstated prices resulting in 7.235 million soms damage.
The firm's shares plummeted by nearly 12%, wiping PS2 billion off the share value, when Tesco announced in September 2014 that a statement the previous month had overstated profits by about a quarter of a billion pounds.
Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (TYO: 7211), a Japan-based automaker, is allocating USD480m to compensate customers who purchased vehicles with overstated fuel economy ratings.
said on Friday it will give debit cards or extended warranties to 146,000 North American owners of new sport utility vehicles to compensate them because the automaker overstated the vehicles' fuel efficiency.
I believe that the amounts reported are overstated because Nielsen itself admitted that these are based on published rate cards, which in all cases are so much more than what was actually paid for, Cayetano said in a statement Tuesday.
The internal review adjustments attributable to the Logistics Solutions sector are approximately USD117 million, including overstated net sales of USD37 million, due to: (i) losses of USD69 million, including inappropriately deferred cost overruns and USD32 million of overstated net sales on a fixed-price Army maintenance and logistics support contract, and (ii) accounting errors of USD48 million, including USD5 million of overstated net sales, in connection with the valuation of inventories and unbilled contract receivables on other logistics support contracts.
consumers as part of a proposed settlement over overstated petrol mileage.
LONDON (Reuters) - British regulators see no case to intervene to stop a wave of money moving into insurance-linked markets such as catastrophe bonds, saying that the development should not be overstated.
Shakirov said the costs for construction of the tailing at Taldybulak Levoberezhnyi mine have been overstated. "Shareholders from China visited the site.
THE overall level of crime showed a "significant decrease" in latest official figures - but an additional study found the drop in offences recorded by police might have been overstated.
"Comparing home-purchase borrower incomes reported in the HDMA data with income reported by homebuyers in household surveys suggests that incomes on mortgage applications were likely significantly overstated during the peak of the housing boom," the Fed researchers wrote.
By ISLAMABAD, September 29, 2011 (Frontier Star): US Admiral Mike Mullens assertion last week that an anti-American insurgent group in Afghanistan is a veritable arm of Pakistans intelligence service was overstated, The Washington Post said quoting US officials.
It also questioned if the Chancellor had overstated the extent of problems.
CORRECTION: Stephen Burd's article "The Subprime Student Loan Racket" (November/December 2009) overstated the total student loan balance that Martine Leveque, a graduate of the Licensed Vocational Nursing program at the Alhambra campus of Everest College, faces.