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Synonyms for overstated

represented as greater than is true or reasonable

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Unfortunately, these reports have not painted an accurate picture and are overstated.
The two companies faced lawsuits after they acknowledged in November that they had overstated the fuel economy of some of its vehicles.
The nation's record funding expansion this year may be overstated in part because of double counting, the banking group said.
In a letter to J&J, the FDA said convention materials for Concerta extended-release tablets were "false and misleading because they overstated the efficacy of Concerta and omit material facts" regarding the drug's use.
In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, GM said its 2001 earnings were overstated by approximately $300 million to $400 million, but the final amount hasn't been determined.
The social/cultural/psychological impact of receiving text messages from household appliances and quadruped serving dishes can scarcely be overstated.
Nortel Networks Corp has admitted that the $732m net profit it reported last year was overstated by 50% after the figures were massaged by overstating losses during the recession and exaggerating the recovery in 2003.
Based on restatements of current tax expense adjusted for the tax benefits of stock options, the evidence indicates that many firms included the overstated financial accounting income on their tax returns, thus overpaying their taxes in the process of inflating their accounting earnings.
However, I was disappointed to see that DeShawn James' net worth of $91,565 was overstated.
The IRS determined the amount allocated to the noncompete agreement was overstated.
has settled out of court with Florida's Justice Department over an allegation that the company overstated the number of its vehicles sold in the state, department sources said Monday.
Suit by furniture store alleges overstated circulation by East Bay papers resulted in inflated ad costs
Sagan overstated the certainty of climate models showing a possible "nuclear winter," and erroneously predicted a spate of cold weather and darkened skies resulting from the oil fires of the Persian Gulf War.
Errors uncovered by the District Auditor included: Government grants overstated by pounds 26 million.