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spend more than available of (a budget)

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spend at a high rate

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(145) Generally, therefore, bankruptcy judges have no choice but to treat the most sympathetic debtor--one who is financially responsible but falls down-and-out due to a bout of unexpected bad luck--in the same manner as a chronic and manipulative overspender. (146)
"She had always been an overspender, she'd always buy two of everything.
The cases filed by the Commission on Elections on overspenders before the courts prove that candidates are "struggling" to spend within the allowable amounts provided by law, he said.
overspenders looking for an easy break as a "first resort,"
You might think of them as overspenders or irresponsible.
Shoppers aged 18-34 made up the largest group of overspenders (55%), compared to shoppers aged 35-54 (43%) and 55+ (29%).
More than half (52%) of parents surveyed admit to blowing their original budget, with 8% of overspenders saying they caved in to pester power and 7% saying they had been trying to compete with other parties.
| The bedroom tax led to widespread protests They spent PS599,173 and PS1,333,809 respectively compared to an allocated budget of PS328,790 and PS732,236, making them the joint seventh largest overspenders for any non-Scottish local authority area.
The reformed monetary union, aimed at overcoming the weaknesses that have brought on the debt crisis, is to include a legal 'brake' on deficits and disciplinary powers against overspenders.
The report also found that the timeline, along with further reforms to economic governance introduced in the six pack' (which prescribes swifter punishments for overspenders and countries that fail to correct wider economic problems), could cause confusion among citizens and "might undermine the legal certainty of the EU order".
Other clients, again regardless of the amount of income or net worth, may be overspenders who will resist the planner's efforts to address the topic.
* "More than any other group, we are hard-core overspenders. I don't think of things in terms of my future 'wife' and 'family' because I am not allowed to dream of such things, so why save today for tomorrow when I would rather go and have fun?"
It should be "OVERSPENDERS" because that's what they did consistently with the electorate's money.
One of the biggest overspenders is the theatres department, which is pounds 102,000 over its budget due to staffing costs and the cost of surgical prosthetics.
I'll be out of debt by September (pay attention to the good advice in the "Dollar Stretcher" and "Homestead Finance" articles you overspenders and financial dunces), and will be able to begin saving for land.