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spend more than available of (a budget)

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spend at a high rate

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The council's cabinet will be told next week that based on quarter one performance, it is looking at a PS7.995 million overspend.
Half of holidaymakers overspend on food and drink, while one in five have to cough up more cash on unexpected travel extras, and similar numbers find the destination they have chosen is more expensive than they had anticipated.
"If our budget shows an overspend then it makes transformation very difficult."
He said: "Children's services are clearly given a lot of latitude in terms of their overspend, due to the important nature of the work they do.
It is the first time since austerity began in 2010 that the council has reported an overspend.
At the end of the 2018/19 financial year, the service had spent PS1.64m over its budget, a situation the portfolio holder described as "not unexpected," having warned of an expected overspend several months ago.
New figures released under the Freedom of Information Act found Godiva 2018 cost nearly PS1 million - as the council admitted a true overspend of PS479k and a 'missing' PS100k from its accounts.
Money being spent externally is also partly responsible for the overall [pounds sterling]2m overspend being predicted in children's services - over and above the additional [pounds sterling]3m in this year's budget - where out-of-county residential placements are set to overspend by [pounds sterling]3m.
It showed there was a PS1m overspend to "top up" funding for councilrun free schools and academies.
And during the period January to April this year, which included the impact of the Beast from the East, the council budgeted PS720,000 for seasonal weather coverage but actually spent nearly PS2.4m - an overspend of almost PS1.7m.
Due to predicted underspends in other parts of the council, current civic centre estimates say the authority will overspend its total revenue budget by PS3.5m this year.
Council bosses are projecting they will overspend the local authority's budget for children's social care by PS6.5m this year.
On an average budget of PS360 per person, the Post Office found that 68% of holidaymakers each spent an average of PS98 more than they intended - adding up to a collective budget overspend of around PS1.9 billion.
SNP Group leader, Councillor David Stocks, pictured, admitted he was shocked to learn of the huge overspend.
Other Stirling Council services are being asked to tighten their belts to help plug a PS431,000 overspend in waste collection - most of it down to binmen overtime costs.