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spend more than available of (a budget)

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spend at a high rate

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At yesterday's finance committee, little seemed to have changed beyond the overspend figure having rocketed.
And latest predictions show some health boards are set to increase their overspend once again by the end of this financial year.
Much of the overspend is as a result of having to secure agency foster placements, which can cost PS220,000 a year per child, with demand heavily outstripping the number of carers on the island.
However, current spending would see a 2% overspend on the total budget of PS311m - or PS6m - if left unchecked, putting even more strain on council reserves.
The survey also revealed that the food and beverage category and the clothing, shoes and accessories category tied among the top items on which Americans who admit to splurging typically overspend (44 percent each).
Mr Williams said in his report: "The health board has reported an overspend of PS15.
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust is to overspend by PS10m in the current financial year, while Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust is to overspend by PS9.
6m overspend, but added: "It would be helpful for a more detailed report at the next meeting [of the cabinet] on what action is being taken to address this.
This is on top of Conwy's pounds 376,000 overspend on the same service in the last financial year, 2011-12.
If the overspend cannot be tamed, council leaders will have no option but to dip even further into rapidly dwindling reserves.
The cost of building the road was not included in the business case for Ann Marie Howes centre in Sheldon, resulting in a significant overspend for the cash-strapped department.
WEBSTER - The Board of Selectmen sent a stern message to town departments: Don't overspend now and look at ways to cut.
Londoners were most likely to overspend while on holiday, with more than seven out of 10 exhausting their wallets, while North Easterners were the least likely.
Charlie MacKenzie, the trust's associate director of finance, said that last month There had been a net overspend of almost pounds 200,000.