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Synonyms for oversleep

to sleep longer than intended


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You don't consciously oversleep, omit a document, or smash up your car, but your fear may have you doing -- or not doing -- something that causes those things to happen.
Connor Obernolte: The beds are probably comfy in the White House, so don't oversleep. There probably is an alarm clock in each bedroom.
The main reasons youngsters in the poll give for skipping the morning meal are that they often oversleep or simply do not like breakfast as a meal.
It's one of the biggest days of her life - but mum Lorelai chooses it to oversleep.
White mute and ratless the swan will oversleep its entrance - Racine gives up the theater.
There's never been a better reason to oversleep and miss breakfast.
As daylight wanes in the fall and winter,some people slow down, oversleep, over-eat and become depressed and unable to function normally.
What made the strictly regimented Commander Worf (Michael Dorn) oversleep - and where did that massive zit come from?
While such persons generally slow down, experience depressed feelings, oversleep and overeat in the fall and winter, they become agitated, impulsive and violent and even suffer short bouts of psychosis in the spring and summer.
Journalist Plum Sykes had written: "To oversleep once may be regarded as a misfortune but to oversleep twice looks like carelessness."
Such persons experience depressed feelings; they oversleep, overeat and generally slow down significantly.
One man whined that his Portugal visit was ruined - because his hotel bed was "too comfy" and made him frequently oversleep.
False teeth also make the top 10 list, presumably when people oversleep and have to rush out at the last minute to the airport.
The town has a Roman bridge, the remains of a Moorish castle, a church clock which chimes the hour twice to make sure the fishermen don't oversleep and a leafy park.
But Peep oversleeps--he's been practising all day and into the night; and again he oversleeps on the following morning.