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an outer skirt worn over another skirt

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Partly influenced by Seurat, he has painted in rapid, broken downstrokes and divided colours, which are unex pectedly subtle in defining texture, such as the slim gathered drape of the ladies' silk dresses, the curved float of a muslin overskirt, the limp billow of a chiffon sleeve, and the tight woollen tug of a soldier's red jerkin.
She's dressed in a sparkling pink and purple gown with opalescent sleeves, a net front panel overskirt, and lots of gold glitter.
We also had to be at the reception where we had a clip-on overskirt on hand - just in case Diana spilled anything down her front.
Our most popular is the Charlotte dress which has a yolk, an overskirt with lace around the edges and a net or a hoop underskirt.
Elizabeth then pulled out Diana's overskirt, hand-sewn with pearls around the waist, which was made as a spare in case the original was stained during the traditional wedding breakfast at Buckingham Palace.
Rose Barbie is dressed in a pink gown with a rose-motif lace overskirt and clusters of ribbon roses at the sleeves.
Meanwhile, Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauhar Khan cut a graceful figure in a gold embroidered green jacket with a Nehru collar combined with a chiffon overskirt and geometric print cigarette pants.
Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a couture designer gown of ivory lace featuring a sweetheart neckline with fitted bodice, asymmetrical lace overskirt, and cathedral-length train.
The Queen's original coronation robe was the starting point for Amy Saunders-Tindall, 21, who created a satin and chiffon evening gown with diamante studs and a tulle overskirt.
Peplum skirts, dresses and tops originated back in the 1800s, receiving high praise for the instant hourglass figure they created because of the stylish overskirt.
Poor Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) ven has to go out riding in a corset under her jodhpurs - with a big overskirt on top of all of that.
The hooped petticoat from her wedding dress has had a chunk cut off the waistband to make it the same length as C's legs, a perfectly good pink sheet is now an overskirt, Rice Krispies packet covered with velvet from old cushion and lined with net curtain is a bonnet.
His portrait in flesh colours and black of Mrs Louise Jopling is limpid and beautiful, emphasising the tied-back quality of the overskirt placed over the bustle and of course there is Mrs Jopling's young profile which delighted those who viewed the picture.
99; The Disney Store catalog): The shiny fabric on the two-year-old gown flunked, but this year's redesigned costume with a sparkled overskirt passed with flying colors.