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an outer skirt worn over another skirt

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And peplum--a short overskirt and the natural waist--is still having a moment.
This little gem, defined as a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline, will do wonders for creating curves in all the right places, and trim inches off your middle.
She was so pretty, with serious eyes, her pale skin set off by the elaborately styled, abundant dark hair, and with the sentimental ball gown she had chosen, with extravagantly full crinolines and yards of overskirt. Visual pleasures were in short supply in the Soviet Union in 1958.
In comparison, the tall, willowy, blond Cynthia Bangert's Warwick was staid, honorable, and dependable, effects accentuated in her more middling-sort costume, a long green dress coming just above her ankles, with a green lace-up bodice and half-skirt over a black underskirt, her two knife-like weapons tidily tucked away, when not in use, in the back apron straps of the overskirt. Bangert's Warwick, while still the "King Maker," lacked the viciousness of Morris's York.
The drawing precisely depicts the distinctive style of dress worn by the young woman: the open gown's ensemble (sopravveste) consists of an overskirt parted at the waist in an inverted V-shape and a generously fitted sleeveless bodice.
Ignite imaginations in ZANG TOI's fanciful gown with shoulderless red bodice and red overskirt with pink accordion-pleated underside, all over long floral print skirt.
In both, overskirt and shawl are used to create an additional boundary, an extra layer of protection between the self and the outside world.
In 1927 the Russian constructivists Nauru Gabo and Antoine Pevsner designed an ultra-modern tutu for Balanchine's La Chatte, which had a transparent overskirt made of a plastic-like material.
In the interests of historical accuracy I should mention that this was the popular style of the day and that the cuirass bodice of the 60s and 70s, the polonaise, a combination bodice plus overskirt, drawn into a butt-puff, was worn by youthful maids and staid matriarchs alike, so to contemporaries the notion that it was "male clothing" might be marginally less preposterous than the idea that grandma might be dressing merely to titillate.
Hodges" in revolutionary-style dress (kerchief over chest, short jacket with collar and lapels open wide, button on cuffs at wrist, bustle and overskirt with skirt revealed in front, adaptation of man's top hat on head, frizzed wig).
The same cloth forms the underskirt of his wife's elegant costume, revealed beneath the looped black overskirt. The black is set off by a broad collar of lace embroidery at the shoulders and lace cuffs.
A number of things about the doll strike horror into the classicist's breast, e.g., her hairstyle and headdress, her "gold dot tulle" overskirt, and her "himation" (a fuschia cape attached at her shoulder and wrist) which is described in the accompanying text as "a striking royal purple." (9) Even more interesting is how the text constructs the act of consumption in which the reader is imagined to be participating.
Partly influenced by Seurat, he has painted in rapid, broken downstrokes and divided colours, which are unex pectedly subtle in defining texture, such as the slim gathered drape of the ladies' silk dresses, the curved float of a muslin overskirt, the limp billow of a chiffon sleeve, and the tight woollen tug of a soldier's red jerkin.
"We also had to be at the reception where we had a clip-on overskirt on hand - just in case Diana spilled anything down her front.
Elizabeth then pulled out Diana's overskirt, hand-sewn with pearls around the waist, which was made as a spare in case the original was stained during the traditional wedding breakfast at Buckingham Palace.