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simplify to an excessive degree

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make too simple

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Whereas its mainstream counterparts oversimplify things down to mere socioeconomic differences, Spork introduces ideas about how gender, sexuality and race play a role in the schoolyard social structure by creating: mean girls, bullies and their victims.
It reports that there is an extensive knowledge base to inform decisions about out-of-home care, but that the findings show different outcomes for different groups of children receiving different placement services, and that policy makers and commissioners need to take care not to oversimplify the evidence about processes and outcomes.
"A lot of owners, if they have never done it before at the same scale, sometimes they oversimplify the complexity and what it takes to build and operate these critical facilities," says Hariri.
* In an over-communicated society, you need to oversimplify your message.
To oversimplify, scientists think of science both as a process for discovering properties of nature and as the resulting body of knowledge, whereas most people seem to think of science, or perhaps scientists, as an authority that provides some information--just one more story among the many that they use to help make sense of their world."
These "mental short cuts," which tend to oversimplify complex issues, are being employed by policy-makers in promoting standardized testing as the panacea for the problems of the public school system.
Leach is careful not to oversimplify Hughes's character either by romanticizing him or underestimating him.
However, we do have to be careful that we do not oversimplify our efforts to the point that we do not paint a clear picture of the individual(s) we are addressing.
But I wonder what Hill means by "Progressive." I am troubled by the tendency in education to oversimplify problems and pigeonhole people.
But sometimes the failure to place her discussion in the context of recent historical scholarship can oversimplify or even mislead.
It is to Carrigan's credit that he does not oversimplify all the underlying vigilantism revealed by his research.
It's all very well, up to a point, to foreshorten and oversimplify your opponent's position in order to heighten your own rhetorical pizzazz and percussiveness.
"It's done on a consensus basis; not to oversimplify it, but it's one for all and all for one."
Public disputes at London's Design Museum, for example, has led to speculation that Terence Conran will follow James Dyson by lodging his resignation due to internal curatorial disputes, while last year's exhibition at the V & A, Zoomorphic, was a disappointing and ridiculous attempt to oversimplify similarities between architecture and nature.
To oversimplify, when a tooth develops pain from an infection, and a root-canal treatment is performed, anaerobic bacteria become sealed in the dentin tubules.