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having an upper part projecting beyond the lower

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During the course of that work he saw something totally unexpected: overshot flakes at a site that I thought had been occupied in post-Clovis times.
We continue to believe that fundamentally the rupee is undervalued and has overshot its equilibrium level substantially, but as numerous episodes of past currency crises have amply demonstrated, under a scenario of deep pessimism, currencies can overshoot substantially and remain so for a long time," economists at the bank were quoted as saying by The Times of India.
An aircraft carrying more than 100 passengers and crew overshot a runway on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Saturday, crashing into the sea, leaving almost two dozen people injured.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A plane carrying a Russian hockey team overshot the runway in the city of Saransk, republic Mordovia, in central Russia.
NEW DELHI: An Air India Express passenger plane from Dubai overshot a runway and crashed outside an airport in southern India on Saturday, killing at least 160 people in one of the worst air accidents in India in years.
Earlier, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel, who had arrived here to access the situation following the crash of the Air India Express Flight from Dubai to Mangalore, said the plane overshot the runway, and there was no defect in it.
Summary: Mangalore, May 22, 2010, SPA -- As many as 160 persons were feared dead when an Air India Express flight from Dubai with 173 on board crashed and caught fire on Saturday as it overshot the newly built runway while landing at the Mangalore airport, the Press Trust.
One hundred and sixty people are believed to have died after an Air India Express plane overshot a runway and crashed in southern India.
The man climbed clear of his twin-engined diesel plane, after it overshot the runway before take-off.
Summary: 40 people have been injured afer a plane overshot the runway at Kingston airport in Jamaica.
Summary: An American Airlines Boeing 737 overshot the runway while landing at the international airport in Kingston, Jamaica early Wednesday, causing 40 injuries but no fatalities, a local newspaper
Contrary to the general notion, disruptive ideas follow simple rules of overshot customers, prioritization of "good enough" performance characteristics, and the opportunities arising from a competitive analysis.
The Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-400, whose passengers included 10 Australian journalists and diplomatic staff, overshot the runway of Yogyakarta Airport, at Java, in Indonesia and caught fire.
The Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-400, whose passengers included around 10 Australian journalists and diplomatic staff, overshot the runway of Yogyakarta airport and caught fire.
Purchase price multiples and leverage multiples have overshot historical norms by greater margins than at any other time in my experience.