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Synonyms for overshoot

an approach that fails and gives way to another attempt

shoot beyond or over (a target)

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Overshoot Day is getting earlier each year - in 2014 it fell on August 19.
Earth overshoot day has fallen a couple of days earlier than it did last year.
And Allan Monks at JP Morgan said: "Even assuming some improvement on year ago levels from here - which is looking increasingly unlikely - borrowing looks likely to overshoot the OBR's 2012/13 projection by at least pounds 10 billion - 0.
In the UAE, we are sounding the alarm bell for Earth Overshoot Day.
Earth Overshoot Day comes just 80 days before world leaders meet at Copenhagen to tackle the most prominent result of our ecological overspending.
To reduce system response overshoot, the second set of PI controllers parameters around new stationary state should be calculated.
The methods to compute transition duration and overshoot are given in [6].
The Living Planet Report 2002 was able to assert that there is only a 20 percent overshoot of carrying capacity (when clearly, with world emissions at 6.
Bristling with feathers and rife with doodads, they overshoot the decorative in the direction of the voluptuous, sinister, or morbid.
These signals display good rise and fall times, controlled overshoot and undershoot, and an acceptable amount of jitter, as evidenced by the width of each eye opening.
BRI set to overshoot profit target--State-owned Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), the country's largest retail bank, optimistic that its previously set net profit of Rp1.
Long hitters who make the fairway with their drives may be tempted to go for the green in two, but to do so they must carry an 80-yard pond and he sure not to overshoot the green.
5% Temperature low low high/moderate high Overshoot 15F 10F 50F 75F Reliability high high moderate moderate Maintenance low moderate moderate moderate Size compact moderate moderate moderate Installation Cost low high low moderate Operating Cost low moderate moderate high Gas Reverb Efficiency low 30% Holding Power high 35% Metal Quality moderate Metal Loss high 3.
He quickly performed a precautionary overshoot, called a "go around.