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Yes--desired!' said she, getting her overshoe and her boot off at last and starting to take off her stockings.
"There'll be a check at the post-office, I know, and we'll transmute it into beautiful buckwheat flour, a gallon of maple syrup, and a new pair of overshoes for you."
But she did not succeed, for as she stood warming her rubbers at the dining-room fire, wondering pensively as she did so if Maria Bailey had small feet, and if Tom ever put her rubbers on for her, the little overshoes were taken out of her hands, and Tom's voice said, reproachfully, "Did you really mean to run away, and not let me go home with you?"
She followed the Marchioness into the hall, saw her fitted into a miscellaneous heap of overshoes, shawls and tippets, and called from the doorstep: "Mind, the carriage is to be back for me at ten!" Then she returned to the drawing-room, where Archer, on re-entering it, found her standing by the mantelpiece, examining herself in the mirror.
Here were deposited the cloaks, clogs, overshoes, umbrellas, hoods, and pelisses of the guests.
Lost items "The thick sole of my thermal overshoe, was a measure of the temperature of the surface, damping the feeling in my foot.
Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Kyrgyzstan Nurbek Murashev received the negative award Black Overshoe following the poll conducted among entrepreneurs, Sergei Ponomarev, Head of the Association of Markets, Trade and Services, said at a round table on May 20, Tazabek reports.
AThe practice died out early in the 20th century, but a child's laced wooden overshoe was recently discovered under the floorboards of this stone cottage.
This will include wearing overshoe covers, showering before entering the water and making sure that babies/toddlers wear swim nappies.
If I'm in West Overshoe, I'm not famous because nobody has heard of me.
Alternatively, deployment of a new non-slip sole for work shoes and boots or an overshoe for icy conditions may yield results in reduced slips and falls in just one winter season.
"Esgidiau-uchaf (overshoe) neu sandal oedd bron pob clocsen yn y byd, ond doedd dim tystiolaeth o ddim byd tebyg yma.
Why do journalism conventions still allow reports that "Jane Smith, 47, was trampled to death by a rabid emu in downtown East Overshoe this morning"?
New England Overshoe makes "performance over-shoes," which are galoshes with traction soles that fit over sneakers, sandals, wing tips, or other shoes for waterproof use on street and trail.
"We have also invested a large amount of time in further educating our team and customers on how their actions can improve hygiene, including the implementation of a new overshoe policy and a new buggy park away from the swimming pool.