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Synonyms for oversexed

having excessive sexual desire or appeal


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Maybe I'm oversexed," the New York Post quoted him as telling Mo Rocca on CBS' 'Sunday Morning'.
Do you think I'm oversexed and what can I do to cut down?
These are frequently small, oversexed, highly-charged biters owned by ladies who mollycoddle their pets and are frightened you might hurt their wee darlings.
The pair keep the tone much lighter than that of kindred teen shows "Freaks and Geeks" and "My So Called Life," avoiding the oversexed, angst-ridden exploits of other teen series, but have left wiggle room to explore heavier issues in future segs, if fall somehow beckons.
NEW TV school drama Waterloo Road is oversexed, unrealistic and a threat to discipline, head teachers said yesterday.
With Denise Richards as an oversexed bimbo, Elizabeth Berkley as an evil temptress and a Lisa Marie cameo as a vampy, drag-racing, small-town waitress, "Wail Lights Fade" might sound like it has some camp charm, Unfortunately, it doesn't.
This wee winger's incredible football skills must surely make him one of the greatest players the game has ever had and puts today's over-rated, overpaid and oversexed so-called stars to shame.
Lee Ermey), the paranoid ex-government agent; Miss Chenille (Amanda Plummet), an oversexed psychic; and Alice (Fay Masterson), a mysterious looker whose jealous boyfriend Morgan (Patrick Warburton) keeps her on a short leash.
SIMON GRIM (James Urbaniak) is an unassuming man who supports his lonely depressed mother and oversexed sister, played by Parker Posey.
There's no doubt calculating, scheming Faria, right, knew she was bound to score in the new supercharged macho world of the FA, once staffed by boring old men in blazers but home now to overpaid, oversexed, vain and powerful men who turn into trembling schoolboys at the sight of a micro-mini and suggestive smile.
Concha Velasco is spirited as the oversexed sister, but Piccoli understandably looks puzzled throughout.
The loud-mouthed presenters, the overactive, oversexed live audiences, the in-yer-face reporting - they were all there, shaken up into an explosive cocktail.
The insubordinate, sarcastic and oversexed Richard Sharpe returns for his landmark 20th adventure.
First, the "real" wife--an oversexed, mysterious blonde, of course--turns up, claiming her husband is really tracking his mistress.
I AM getting sick to the back teeth of the antics of overpaid, oversexed footballers.