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Synonyms for oversewn

sewn together with overhand stitches (close vertical stitches that pass over and draw the two edges together)


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12,13) This type of repair has also been augmented with an 8 cm segment of the adductor magnus tendon, which is oversewn over the repaired MPFL.
The cartilaginous external auditory canal is transected, oversewn, and reflected posteriorly if a subtotal petrosectomy is needed.
The excised edge must be oversewn or cauterized for hemostasis, and the cystic cavity must be inspected for the presence of bile.
Very durable: buckram-covered boards encase an oversewn book block of 70# paper.
The ulcer was oversewn with an omentum patch, the enterotomy closed and abdomen washed with saline before completing the operation.
A re-look laparotomy the following day revealed further bleeding from abnormal veins around a ruptured left-sided retroperitoneal mass between the kidney and spleen which were oversewn.
Because of ongoing bleeding, he was again returned to theatre where a bleeding bronchial artery was identified and oversewn.
Parenchymal injuries were oversewn, but chest wall bleeding was only partially controlled.