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excessively serious

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Can I get a witness?"), and even her powerful voice can't turn an overserious (and blessedly abridged) "American Pie" into anything but a kitschy hoot.
"Not without cause, I'd never venture that, but you can be touchy, overserious when it comes to yourselves."
He says he has met two Irishmen, who "rather raised my opinion of the race," and several Indians, whom he prefers to the English, though he reports that "Bertie" (Bertrand Russell) "says [Indians] give him the creeps." He ranks himself above the overserious Cambridge and Oxford students, the best of whom he compares to "the clever Jew undergraduate mind at Harvard; wide but disorderly reading, intense but confused thinking, and utter absence of background and balance and proportion.
That smooth, polished style is the perfect vehicle for the narration of their overserious yet faltering efforts to revolutionize Cuban literature.
In this day of overserious (and over-long) tax books, a refreshing features is the frequent use of cartoons.