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unduly sensitive or thin-skinned

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Dr said some people become oversensitive to allergens.
So you're married to someone who is controlling and who apparently would rather gaslight you -- "she will accuse me of being oversensitive" -- than challenge her own behavior.
I think that these days everyone is so oversensitive and things are blown out of proportion.
The controls are horribly oversensitive and the icons so unfeasibly tiny that even saving a change can feel like a side mission.
Their being fickle-minded and oversensitive, at times.
It could be that you are being oversensitive, or it could be that your instincts are correct and, for some mysterious reason, your boss just doesn't like you.
He feels that the outrage over the costume is driven by an oversensitive generation.
They can also become depressed and anxious, and get oversensitive to sensations.
Salam called on the kidnapped families to avoid oversensitive reactions such as blocking roads and other similar manifestations.
"If the immune system [body's natural defence against infection and illness] is oversensitive, it reacts to allergens by producing antibodies to ward off the harmful allergens.
Most non-Muslims feel the same way as most Muslims - that this was a pathetic attempt to wind up an oversensitive minority.
They may also experience difficulty with tracking across the page, struggle with glare on the page or be oversensitive to bright lights.
Sensitive Touch 5 Min SOS Cream was developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation specifically to soothe extremely dry, stressed and oversensitive skin.
But don't be oversensitive. Don't be a bruisable peach.