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Synonyms for oversea

being or passing over or across the sea


Related Words

beyond or across the sea


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PMMHF 2017 attracted almost every China leading prefab house related exhibitor along with dozens of oversea top brands, including Vertex CAD/PDM Systems, Nova Deco, Izonil, BNBM, Elephant Steel, Pinnacle, Anyfun Homes, etc.
In the first half year, it led 23 oversea acquisition projects with a total transaction value of USD 46.
Vendor: Standard Life Plc , Standard Life Oversea Holdings Ltd
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced that the Islamic Republic's warships are now carrying pilotless planes for overseas operations.
In September, the number of oversea trips to Ireland fell by 13.
The event is aimed at strengthening Iran's furniture industry in domestic and oversea markets.
We would like to stress that this inquiry relates to alleged fundraising and procurement in support of terrorism oversea.
The two automakers said they will also consider jointly developing and producing light commercial vehicles for the Japanese and oversea markets.
The dollar's stable movements in the upper 109 yen range and firmness in oversea equities such as those in the United States and Europe encouraged investors to pick up Tokyo stocks, brokers said.
Cetra/Ruddy has been awarded the commission to design a new world headquarters and church for the Oversea Chinese Mission located in New York's Chinatown district.
Please BHB, we know yo are smarting from loss of Iris income and have been seduced by the talk of new oversea markets.
The chance to oversea such an exciting development portfolio was too good an opportunity to miss," said John.
SEATTLE -- Oversea Casing and Superior Farms announced this week that they have begun a partnership where the Superior Farms sales team can sell natural sausage casings to its customers nationwide on Oversea's behalf.
Contract notice: Open tender for the implementation of electronic record on behalf of the office of individual social security schemes (orpss) - direction of social security oversea.