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Synonyms for override





Synonyms for override

a manually operated device to correct the operation of an automatic device

Related Words

rule against

prevail over

counteract the normal operation of (an automatic gear shift in a vehicle)

ride (a horse) too hard

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An equal percentage of members from the veto pivot quintile and the extreme opponents quintile change their votes to join the president's legislative coalition on the override attempt.
Ideology clearly affects members' decisions to switch votes on veto override attempts.
Partisan differences help explain why ideology does not capture all of the variance in member behavior on override attempts.
the override, including the costs associated with the potential that the
and (iv) the impact of the override on competition and the integrity of
the agency would prefer override and continuation of the contract.
A Mazda official said, ''Although our vehicles have not experienced incidents of wild acceleration, which can be prevented with a brake override system, we have decided to add the systems to our cars to further enhance their safety features in the future.
An official at another major carmaker said, ''The industry tide has turned all of a sudden in light of Toyota's woes, although we had not previously devised any plans to introduce the override systems.
has been the sole Japanese automaker to fit all models with the override systems.
The failed veto override in the House came after the Senate struggled all day to muster the votes to override Kulongoski's veto.
David Nelson, R-Pendleton, was one of six Republicans who switched from opposing to supporting the override.
Difficult questions therefore arise when a court faces a new factual scenario that is arguably "relevantly similar" to the issue addressed in the precedent case (such that, but for the override, it would be controlled by the precedent) but not clearly within the statutory language of the override itself.
Other courts interpret overrides as carving out an exception to a general interpretive principle announced in the precedent case and deem any factual applications of such a principle that Congress "fails" to address in the override language to continue to be governed by the precedent case.
The override complies with the Furman decision by requiring separate trial and sentencing phases, followed by automatic appellate review.