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Synonyms for override





Synonyms for override

a manually operated device to correct the operation of an automatic device

Related Words

rule against

prevail over

counteract the normal operation of (an automatic gear shift in a vehicle)

ride (a horse) too hard

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It passed the House 79-33 and cleared the Senate 42-7 and the sponsors are itching for an override.
Opposition lawmakers must gather at least 192 votes to override Mr.
Over in the House of Representatives, the Republicans also have a majority--and also lack the two-thirds needed to override a veto.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is pulling out all the stops to get enough Democratic votes to block an override.
Now that a multi-million dollar override has passed, many taxpayers are rightly wondering "Why do we still have bus fees?''
Young families who must pay an additional $500 per year in real estate taxes, due to the recent override, must still pay up to $500 per year for bus fees.
My analysis goes beyond the focus on ideology and "pivotal politics" alone to investigate how constituencies and electoral incentives influence legislators to switch their votes on veto override attempts.
The pivotal politics argument suggests that about 12% (Krehbiel's one out of every eight) of the members within the veto pivot quintile switch their votes to join the president's coalition on veto override attempts.
found the agency's justification for an override decision to be
objective decision making in the CICA stay override process.
drivers of sudden unintended acceleration in its vehicles, has already announced a decision to install the override systems in its new models.
has decided to fit all of its new models with the override systems, Mazda officials said, adding that it is also considering installing them in some models that it had sold in the past.
In the example of a failed sensor, the operator will be required to manually override the Input object's value.
This is time for passing budgets and adjournment," said Hunt, who blamed Republicans who had previously helped the House cast more than 40 votes - the number required to override a veto - when the school budget bill passed in that chamber.
When a court says to a legislature: 'You (or your predecessor) meant X," it almost invites the legislature to answer: "We did not." (1) In passing legislation to override a judicial interpretation of a statute, Congress does indeed answer, "We did not." An override thus raises fundamental questions regarding the relative power of Congress and the courts.