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Synonyms for override





Synonyms for override

a manually operated device to correct the operation of an automatic device

Related Words

rule against

prevail over

counteract the normal operation of (an automatic gear shift in a vehicle)

ride (a horse) too hard

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More generally, this Article advocates for greater weight to be accorded to the significance of a statutory override of a precedent.
The Article therefore proposes a rebuttable presumption that enactment of an override supersedes the prior judicial interpretation of the statute and further that lower courts are no longer bound by such overridden precedents.
The countermajoritarian nature of statutory interpretation, however, typically receives little attention because, as opposed to constitutional decisionmaking, there is a ready check on the judiciary: if Congress disagrees with a judicial interpretation of a law, it may override that interpretation by passing a new statute or amending an existing statute.
This model argues that members at and around the veto pivot are critical because legislative coalitions must include these members to override the president's veto.
Relying solely on the arguments of Pivotal Politics, one is unable to explain a considerable portion of member voting behavior on override attempts.
Figure 1 takes all members of the House who switched their votes between final passage and the veto override during the time period of 1973 to 2011 and displays the relative percentage of members who come from each ideological quintile.
2006 was a watershed year for CICA stay override cases.
alternatives to the override exist that would adequately address the
said they are considering fitting their new models with the override systems.
But the five have not yet decided when and in which models they would install the override systems, they said.
A brake override system stops acceleration when both the brake and accelerator pedals are depressed at the same time.
This is time for passing budgets and adjournment," said Hunt, who blamed Republicans who had previously helped the House cast more than 40 votes - the number required to override a veto - when the school budget bill passed in that chamber.
Hunt said Republicans sought the Democratic leadership's pledge to kill bills they oppose - including a field burning bill, tax amnesty legislation and a low-carbon fuel standard bill - in exchange for support in both the veto override and on a separate bill suspending the Measure 57 sentencing law.
Tipgos, "Why Management Fraud is Unstoppable" (The CPA Journal, December 2002), which argues that only management can stop a management override.
The diverse factors that would increase management's incentive to override controls include the following: