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Synonyms for overrefinement

the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean

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In fact, on the evidence of such works as the biomorphic carvings from thin stone sheets of the '40s, a sense of the arbitrariness of the individual, freestanding object often led to a degree of overrefinement and finicky composition.
Mansfield suggests that Lavater's conclusions owed less to the "science" of physionomy than to a long standing hostile Protestant view that Erasmus's failure to follow Luther stemmed from weakness of character - timidity, overrefinement, softness" (p.
The British, in their collective myth of this national character, are reserved, fastidious, yet suspicious of overrefinement, as we discover the instant they encounter the loquacious, touchy-feely, grimynecked, mincing citizens of the rest of the world.