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excessively delicate or refined


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Your taste is your ruin, your overrefined taste, your overpolished sentences, your Virginia cigarettes, your daily consumption of a rare brand of tea make you a tasteful jerk who even makes love in an overly aestheticized, I'd even say, stylized way
He was, moreover, suspicious of the corrupting effects of an overrefined, literate culture.
The atmospheric, unfocused imagery of Symbolist poetry eventually came to be seen as overrefined and affected, and the term decadent, which the Symbolists had once flaunted, became with others a term of derision denoting mere fin-de-siecle preciosity.
This reviewer detects in Wedgewood the same streak of heroic primitivism found in his contemporary Robert Baden-Powell, the legendary founder of the Boy Scouts, who railed against the overrefined clerks and the soft city boys in Britain.
She is "kindly, hospitable, given to pleasure, possibly not overrefined, but ready-witted and equal to all emergencies.
By comparison with the American artists with whom he might seem to have the most in common--Robert Ryman or Joseph Marioni, for example--Spalletti's use of such gestures or of a material like gold leaf can make his work seem finicky and overrefined, fancy-schmancy.
But those whom he observes as his models, figured by implication as "lap-dog[s]" (77), that is, unproductive and overrefined, are not even as good as their name, let alone their word.
It was a favorite word of Paolozzi's, I remember, and I used to use iconographical methods in my art criticism as a way of writing about art while getting away from overrefined formal analysis.
You don't want to do a sloppy job, but you don't want to do an overrefined job.
Edward Steichen's work might look musty and overrefined these days, but there's no denying the influence of his switch from impressionist Pictorialism to crisp modernism, or the definitive elegance of his work in both styles, or his crusading, entrepreneurial spirit.
And when the Guggenheim Museum mounted a soup-to-nuts Braque retrospective in 1988, I paid little attention to anything but the Cubist work, feeling again that what happened later was just the predictable run of pretty variations on an already overrefined French sauce.