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too costly for the value

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12, 2006 when they purchased a total of 188 liters of the same fogging chemicals totaling to P846,000, with the same overpriced amount of P4,500 per liter.
Bhem Berango, information officer of the agency, said they are currently studying the sanctions that may be imposed upon those who sell overpriced commodities during the calamity.
16 ( ANI ): Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa on Thursday said the Rafale deal is not overpriced.
The defendants lied to small businesses, charities and churches to get them to pay for overpriced supplies they didn't order," said Jessica Rich, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.
We had a pizza that was no better than Pizza Express, and a tiramisu that was overpriced and tasteless.
Customers are suing Bank of America over overpriced loans
Food and drink stalls sell overpriced and poor quality nosh to people whose taste buds seem to have been surgically removed.
But previous decrees against foreign imports have commonly been ignored by government agencies when they concluded that the domestic products were overpriced or inferior.
samantha30376 There should be one on Anglesey Llandudno is a trek to go to watch films @DJfflyffilyfbbl Overpriced facilities profits don't stay local.
This follows new research which found that 62% of home-hunters simply will not be tempted to view a property they consider to be overpriced, even if it ticks all the boxes on their wish list.
Usually overpriced and the catering and bar service badly organised with inexperienced badly trained part-time staff.
Despite those price cuts, another broker said townhouses are still the most overpriced sector of the residential market, joking that there should be a tour called "Overpriced Townhouses in the 70s.
While vacationers lamented the loss of the tea dance, town locals saw the sale as another sign that Provincetown risks becoming an overpriced vacation spot for the rich.
have revealed case after case of inadequate acquisition planning, insufficient competition, overpriced contracts, inappropriate expenditures of funds, and lack of attention to contract management.
As a result, returns of the initially overpriced stocks are negatively correlated with the time series of innovations in aggregate market liquidity.