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It would be impossible to overpraise the performance of Kelly Kaduce in the title role.
Currently, he feels that he would lose more sleep over reviews that overpraise than those that go negative.
Germaine De Stael's overpraise of the Germans in De l'Allemagne (1810), a cultural history that praised the work of Herder and was to determine what France thought about Germany until the two countries went to war in 1870, is to some extent surprising since both Schlegel brothers were such outspoken critics of French Neoclassicism.
Web reviews already share many of print reviewing's shortcomings, including the tendency to overpraise books and the failure to accurately describe them.
I can't overpraise them," says writer Sarah Schulman, who's now at MacDowell for the sixth time, working on the musical adaptation of her novel Shimmer.
Despair, until at the age of 50, Jack Jones saw Rhondda Roundabout published, 'a book,' enthused one of London's most revered critics, 'it would be impossible to overpraise.
While Murrow is surely a hero to Clooney, the director doesn't overpraise him.
After a wretched movie summer, it's tempting to overpraise The Constant Gardener as a superior thriller, but Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles ("City of God") is such a feverish show-off that one leaves the theater in a daze.
For its 348 closely-packed pages, the terms "magisterial," "thorough and convincing, " "difficult to overpraise," and a work of "enduring fascination"--all used by scholarly reviewers--are as appropriate now as they were 36 years ago.
Fintan O'Toole and others are included because their previously printed pieces address "serious problems," not because they deal in overpraise, and that is itself praiseworthy.
Aftercare was brilliant too and I cannot overpraise utterly dedicated staff.
Overpraise provides a measure of compensation for critics deprived of the experience of living in more vital times.
At issue, in other words, is more than any literary clique, more than that "high and mighty Campbell clan of editors" who so unabashedly overpraise Pierre, but a specifically civic body, a "public" whose capacity for literacy, and aptitude for literary responsiveness, Melville wishes to worry over.
Janusz Rosikon is a distinguished photographer, and it would be hard to overpraise his accomplishment here.
It doesn't help that her examples of yesterday's kitsch now mistaken for art are Shanghai Express and--amazingly for someone who would go on to grossly overpraise the Hitchcock imitations of Brian De Palma--Notorious.