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incapable of being resisted

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Moreover, an atmosphere has a peculiar quality of being that which is often overpoweringly "in the air" (to use a phrase that will return time and again in what Griffero calls atmospherology) whilst at the same time resisting rigid analysis.
The spices of the veggie burger are zesty and fiery, while not overpoweringly spicy.
an agent, in a grotesque and overpoweringly sensuous material form,
Amid descriptions of her clumsy attempts at shopkeeping, he informs readers of her aristocratic belief that "a lady's hand soils itself irremediably by doing aught for bread" (3:37), before asserting, "It was overpoweringly ridiculous--we must honestly confess it--the deportment of the maiden lady, while setting her shop in order for the public eye" (3:39).
This all sounds like you're in for an incredibly emotional read, and it is in parts, but Gawande's medical heritage allows him to explain the concepts with enough detachment to allow the story to refrain from ever becoming overpoweringly emotional.
The result is a confection that is not overpoweringly sweet, but with all the comforting qualities of a good quality confection and all the goodness of sundried fruit and dark chocolate.
The risk is that the honey becomes overpoweringly sweet as you work your way through the vegetables.
Old Mill Cigarettes showed, yes, an Old Mill complete with mill stream running through a valley so overpoweringly lush it might have been borrowed from a Disney movie.
I've had "barrel-aged beers" that are overpoweringly flavoured by the spirit in question.
As Kennaway shows, some German physicians also believed that the sensuous qualities of Wagner's music had a hypnotic power that was overpoweringly erotic for women and capable of creating or drawing out homosexual tendencies in men.
The members of United Aerospace Workers Union Local 1069 overpoweringly sanctioned an eight-year contract with Boeing Inc.
Each one of them has a story or a tall tale about their experiences on Thistlegorm; the first time they saw it, the first time they tied a rope off, the time they lost a diver (and found him) or the time the current was overpoweringly strong.