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cause to have too great a population

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The dominating myth, of course, is that wildlife are overpopulated and in need of culling, a silly notion considering that humans are really the only animals that are overpopulating.
Feral cats are often viewed as a nuisance and health hazard, spreading disease to domestic house cats and overpopulating in the wild.
Just press the hot button, and you can destroy your opponent by revealing his sex life, real or imagined--it makes no difference if you have the hard-soft cash to buy time for a TV ad or to finance something like Gary Bauer's Family Research Council, where gays are compassionately demonized for having made a "a bad choice" in the cafeteria of sexual delights when, with a bit of therapy or prayer, they could change and become as wretched as those sad straights, half of whom are doomed to undergo divorce, battles over child custody, and charges of overpopulating the planet (if only from me) while glumly submitting, if in office--if oval-shaped--to the eager, if incompetent (the navy blue dress
In the mean time the mayor's office had been considering the accommodation of ever more numerous summer backpackers who were overpopulating the youth hostels.
Thus, we feel no remorse at overpopulating the Earth; torturing and destroying other species; and bulldozing their habitat for our cookie-cutter houses, useless, water-wasting lawns, and roads, roads, roads.
That's to avoid overpopulating a particular area with snakes.
All this, plus the continued, deserved good feeling that we are not the ones overpopulating the planet.
Most animals are not protected species because they are overpopulating their available habitat.