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This is where the heart of Trojan and Greek heartlessness may well lie: there is plenty of desire and will, indeed, "will in overplus," in both camps, but little or no love.
It was necessary to sit up half the Night & lie awake the [begin strikethrough]rest[end strikethrough] remainder to comprehend with composure her present state, & pay for the overplus of Bliss, by Headake & Fatigue" (268).
as a ship of small burthen could bring in these rich articles [piece goods and raw silk] to the value of two or three lacs and carry back only a tenth part of the proceeds in cotton, the only article of return, the merchants had no alternative left them of remitting the overplus but in bills of exchange.
T]he discourse on debt and on the sublime, the one producing the rationale for a never-ending inflation of the national debt, the other a powerful mechanism for ever more sublime sensation, which leads to a conceptualization of the subject as the excess or overplus of discourse itself" (De Bolla 1989, 6).
Additions to AEGINRST: Geriants: Geriant is a type of fencing by Poly Vinyl Creations; or David Geriant, an Origami designer Greinats, Germany, 47[degrees]45, 10[degrees]22 rietgans: Dutch name of Bean goose, Anser fabalis Saheh-ye Rigestan, Afghanistan, 3116, 6548 sargient, OED overplus C, 1640q Sungai Seritang, Malaysia, 4[degrees]43, 103[degrees]11 snatering: noise made by rietgans, qv (Digswell Lake Society newsletter) Mount Stigaren, Svalbard, 77[degrees]56, 16[degrees]38 Mys Tsingera, Russia, 79[degrees]08, 104[degrees]04 Grestain, France, 49[degrees]25, 0[degrees]21 Sungai Sengarit, Indonesia, 0[degrees]15, 110[degrees]14 Ti-n-Esgar, Mali, 16[degrees]17, -4[degrees]17
Naturally enough, Smith is sceptical: once full account has been taken of the sympathetic principle and its manifestation in the field of human conduct 'I should be glad to know what remains, and I shall freely allow this overplus to be ascribed to a moral sense, or to any other peculiar faculty, provided any body will ascertain precisely what this overplus is' (ibid.
In today's argot, the $10 might be referred to as the "strike price" and the period-to-period overplus might be dubbed as the "intrinsic value" or "in the money.
29) At Gainsborough, the guild of young people (Trinity Guild), having selected a Lord and Lady of their guild, processed each year on Trinity Sunday to the chapel at Chapel Garth where they continued "vntil towardes nighte havinge there breade and drinck and vsing pastyme & gathering money for the same bread & drincke whereof the overplus aboue the charge of the said bread and drinck was imploied toward<es the> mentenance of the same guilde.
For Freud, this is the "excess of demand" created by trauma, for Rosenzweig the overplus of validity-surpassing all possible meanings-created by revelation.
it is plain, that Men have agreed to disproportionate and unequal Possession of the Earth, they having by a tacit and voluntary consent found out a way, how a man may fairly possess more land than he himself can use the product of, by receiving in exchange for the overplus, Gold and Silver, which may be hoarded up without injury to any one, these metals not spoileing or decaying in the hands of the possessor ([section] 50).
Larkin understood this: while High Windows was in the proof stage in January 1974, for example, he wrote to his editor, Charles Monteith, of "Show Saturday," a poem in experimentally loosened pentameters (in which the tumbling overplus of stressed offbeats reflects the amiable excess of the county show), "One line [.
On the contrary, one regrets that he often eschewed any areas of flat or abstract colour, and pestered and dabbled his ornate odalisques and his lanky ladies of leisure with an overplus of hectic, jarring pattern, as in three of these paintings from Baltimore.
As stated by Corporal Peters, "When the male guard-room will hold no more, the overplus has to be provided for on the female side.
Almost all Beckett's plays can be seen in a new light in this correspondence, but there are particularly extensive entries on Waiting for Godot, Krapp's Last Tape, Happy Days, Play, and Not I, and almost an overplus of detail when it comes to the 1964 version of Film with Buster Keaton.
I would be the last who would wish to abridge the poor of their present wages, were they any real advantage to them, but I am fully persuaded their case is otherwise; for idleness and profligacy are the certain consequences; the poor in general, are not provident, they only wish to live: if they can earn more money than will procure them a decent subsistence, the overplus is spent foolishly and wantonly which occasions considerable loss of time to them and labor to the manufacturer.