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a payment larger than needed or expected

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the act of paying too much

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Your safest bet is not to deduct the money from the employee's future paychecks, but instead to notify her of the overpayment and work out a plan under which she makes direct payments to your company.
This case is before the Court, however, because the court below vitiated that remedy, finding first that the overpayment statute was inapposite and further that Minnesota law provided a constitutionally sufficient predeprivation remedy, to wit: the assessment protest statute, which had never before been extended to cover the non-discretionary act of calculating tax bills.
For taxpayers other than corporations, the overpayment and underpayment rate is the federal short-term rate plus 3 percentage points.
The committee while stressing need for making accountability system in departments effective has termed overpayment during development schemes incompetent and decided to take stern action against the concerned officials.
The revised definition of identification makes more sense for physicians, particularly that identification exists when providers have quantified the amount of the overpayment, said Scot T.
9bn in export duty overpayments by RosneftEe's subsidiary Verkhnechonskneftegaz, according to Interfax.
In other words, an overpayment cannot be credited to the person who did not pay tax to generate the overpayment.
tunnel - - PS36,592 in overpaid tolls contributed to a total overpayment at the two Mersey tunnels of PS57,830 Picture: PAUL HEAPS
If there was an overpayment made on behalf of the child, that child could be held liable years later, as an adult.
The Audit Commission told the council to put "robust" procedures in place to deal with council tax overpayments by residents.
SUE BENT of Coventry Law Centre answers your legal questions QI have rent arrears because an overpayment of housing benefit is being recovered from my ongoing housing benefit at pounds 9.
It had received 7,000 overpayment requests after the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee cut the base rate by 1.
Meanwhile, each local authority started the year with existing overpayment debt from previous years, which to talled pounds 44m across Wales.
At the same time he continues his highly personalised attacks on individual councillors who did not receive overpayment and were not adjudicated upon as having received the overpayments 'unreasonably'.