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Synonyms for overnighter

a guest who stays overnight

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a small traveling bag to carry clothing and accessories for staying overnight

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I have learnt that the route chalked out for this year's Gulf News Overnighter Fun Drive is going to be tricky, which is what going to make the event fun as well as adventurous," said Mohammad Fareed Ahli, a Dubai-based Emirati who has registered himself and his friends for for the second consecutive year.
As the adventure's popularity grew, Gulf News added another dimension to the Fun Drive -- the Overnighter and made it a two-day event with an overnight stay in the desert.
The Fun Drive which began as a day drive on March 28, 1986, has come a long way to include seven day drives, 25 overnighters, one Abu Dhabi day drive and three Friday Fun drives.
That '20' means there's 20 litres of space inside, which I reckon is plenty for a commuting bag, or even for a bare essentials overnighter.
When guests travel with their family and want an extended stay, they select a Hawthorn by Wyndham, or when you have a quick overnighter, you book a Super 8.
Tailor-fit to her lifestyle, Fino Now the Advocate Series 003 Station Overnighter complements Floirendo's passion and support for Ballet Philippines and the performing arts.
Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke have never pulled an overnighter drinking Red Bull and making apps," he joked.
one of the world's leading laptop case and accessory makers, is pleased to announce the arrival of its latest Rolling Laptop Overnighter Case - TBR021.
Trawling the internet for an overnighter and a bit of R&R, I discovered Dalhousie Castle.
I had no plans, wore whatever I could pull out of the overnighter, with no particular structure for how the day was to be spent.
To kick off 2015 in style, Al-Futtaim Motors, the exclusive distributor of Toyota and Toyota Racing Development (TRD) in the UAE, has launched the adrenaline inducing FJ Cruiser TRD, which made its debut at the 29th annual Gulf News Overnighter Fun Drive event, held on January 9 and 10 in Umm Al Quwain.
The result is that Pastor Jay loses his church and family and now finds himself in the same position as the men he has tried so hard to help through the Overnighter program.
It certainly wasn't like the Cobra beer ad and a lot more like being holed up in a WWII U-Boat for an overnighter.
Building your own team sometimes isn't an overnighter - for Mark Hughes it might be, but not for me.
Put an ecological conscience with thoughts of a weekend trip and one might conjure up images of camping, since using Mother Nature's products on an overnighter suggests little more than roughing it.