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Synonyms for overnighter

a guest who stays overnight

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a small traveling bag to carry clothing and accessories for staying overnight

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The Fun Drive which began as a day drive on March 28, 1986, has come a long way to include seven day drives, 25 overnighters, one Abu Dhabi day drive and three Friday Fun drives.
Series 002 and Advocate Series 003 Station Overnighter will be available in an all-leather design soon in Fino stores.
"Working professionals, steadily increasing in number across India, will appreciate the exceptional versatility and convenience of the Rolling Laptop Overnighter Case," said ManishAher, Director of ProductMarketing and CountryManager, India at TargusAsia-Pacific.
I had no plans, wore whatever I could pull out of the overnighter, with no particular structure for how the day was to be spent.
Finally the city closes down the "Overnighter" program at the Concordia Lutheran Church.
Wansbeck and Cramlington AC hold a carp 'overnighter' over Saturday and Sunday morning on the QE2 at Ashington.
It certainly wasn't like the Cobra beer ad and a lot more like being holed up in a WWII U-Boat for an overnighter.
"Building your own team sometimes isn't an overnighter - for Mark Hughes it might be, but not for me."
COVER-UP - Moontent (pounds 31.49, from www.iwantoneofthose.com) You don't need to be an 'overnighter' to enjoy the benefits of this terrific tent.
Put an ecological conscience with thoughts of a weekend trip and one might conjure up images of camping, since using Mother Nature's products on an overnighter suggests little more than roughing it.
MILWAUKEE -- Aero Products International has added the OverNighter and Premier Comfort Zone models to its roster of AeroBed air-filled sleep products.
Not roomy enough for an overnighter but rather hefty for everyday, the bags dwarf popular and pragmatic cross-body messengers.
And the cabins are nice for an overnighter. INFO: Cottages from $185, treatments from $75; 1712 Lincoln Ave.; www.indianspringscalistoga.com or 707/942-4913.
Instead of a possible overnighter in the local GrayBar Hotel, he was now lookin' at a lengthy period of employment at the state's license plate factory.