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Thus, Jude's sexual desire is something that overmasters him completely as well as being "violent," a pejorative adjective that aligns sexual desire with a kind of powerful brutality.
Because Premiership Rugby Limited (PRL), the overmasters of the game in England, have decreed that as the Wales match is outside the autumn international 'window', they will not release their Welsh players.
10) Edward is portrayed as the sexually passive partner in the love relationship (he plays Hero to Gaveston's Leander in the latter's opening soliloquy)--a fact that becomes dramatically shocking in the anal ravishment to which the king is subjected in the death scene: Lightborn, Edward's executioner and a political extension of Mortimer's stolen power, overmasters and sodomizes his prostrate sovereign by reaming him with a red-hot spit.
There are also drops of blood on the road, and the shrieks of a cannon-balls or a bomb close by, so that "a certain disagreeable feeling of indecision suddenly overmasters you" (59).
As Stone put it: "When the love of unity overmasters the love of truth, the hope of a safe Church is gone.