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It's harder now to care about things of overmastering importance-nuclear war, earthquakes, bigoted presidents-when the worst day of your life has come and gone; it takes superhuman effort to write about things other than my mother, and it's easy to care only about things that are immediate and personal.
Woolf commented in her diary that "Orlando [1928] was the outcome of a perfectly definite, indeed overmastering, impulse.
a certain John Milton, most readers would find [his translation] as difficult to praise as to pronounce." (1) Even the poem's admirers have at times couched their praise in terms of failure, with descriptions of Milton overmastering English or stretching it to destruction.
William Golding states: "The desire to squeeze and hurt was overmastering"; see William Golding, Lord of the Flies (London: Faber and Faber, 1954), chap.
Our march that day was cut short abruptly by the overmastering need to rejoice.'
is whether the testator's mind, when he made the will, was such that, had he expressed it, he would have said: 'This is not my wish, but I must do it.'" (148) Undue influence involves the overmastering of a testator's willpower.
Dodds concludes in his classic study The Greeks and the Irrational, is a world of "deepened awareness of human insecurity and human helplessness"--a world in which an "overmastering Power and Wisdom forever holds Man down, keeps him from rising above his station....
summarized the point as follows: "There is [Brandeis's] passionate belief in the doctrine that men are entitled to fulfill themselves; hence democracy; hence the desire for preservation of local experimentation; hence the fear of the overmastering big combination; hence also the fear of an overmastering federal government." (77) Thus even as Brandeis supported federal regulation of corporations, he cautioned that "[t]he federal government must not become too big just as corporations should not be permitted to become too big.
"I will never see a German man, woman or child again without feeling an overmastering desire to kill," she said.
This renders Orientalism not merely a devastating account of the discursive coherence and force of Western representations of the Orient, but also and at the same time a terrifying narrative of the overmastering Western tradition to which an Oriental is subjected--in which Edward Said is an object.
("Homecoming" 141) "The Homecoming," however, is less a commentary on the heroic oath as Beorhtwold pronounces it than on earlier lines, those which lay the ground for both the tragedy of Beorhtnoth and Beorhtwold's vow: "then the earl in his overmastering pride actually yielded ground to the enemy, as he should not have done" (Battle of Maldon l.89-90; qtd.
In contrast with the "bodiless" light of the Abbey (130), Kilman is all body, and this unyielding physicality might be the aspect of her that most "kills man" in its transcendental conception, her "overmastering desire" to "unmask" the likes of Clarissa (122).
Among dictionary definitions of terror are "intense, sharp, overmastering fear" and "to be frantic with terror." It's a pity the legal system wasn't able to reflect that.
The scene was so lifelike and overmastering that shudders swept through the crowd, and women were wild with actual fright....
Nehru was the author of an anonymous analysis published in 1937 in "The Modern Review" in which he wrote about himself: "He has all the makings of a dictator in him, vast popularity C* an intolerance of others and certain contempt for the weak and inefficient C* His overmastering desire to get things done, to sweep away what he dislikes and build anew, will hardly brook for long the slow process of democracy." Despite its mesmerizing complexity, India never fails to move and leaves no one indifferent.