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It seems inescapable that reparations will be required to restore freedom and literacy, to repair and overmaster psycho-cultural destruction and resulting negativity, to facilitate the reversion to indigenous-centered pathways which can be used as springboards to achieve rebirth of African-U.S.
The strength will most probably be crucial and will overmaster the arguments when it is a matter of the rampage of PM Gruevski's bodyguards.
In them, the figure of Woman functions iconically, as the site of exchange between men, to use Girard's and Sedgwick's formulas of triangulated desire, but also as an impossibly aloof, elusive Ideal around which men revolve and which they must also overmaster and conquer.
Of course, Pearson is correct to draw attention to the transvestism and gender anxiety that suffuses Maturin's writing, but her psychologizing account of Maturin's appropriations of the female-Gothic finally converts the engagement into a conscious confrontation between a masculinist culture and the feminine other it seemed determined to overmaster. But in the parallel stories of Annibal and Ippolito, Fatal Revenge shows a strange admixture of both the male and female Gothic formulas.
Funes and the catechist intersect in their compulsive creation of taxonomies, endless lists, and in their larger endeavour to overmaster Western knowledge.
Stresses brought on by illness, aging, disaster, death, even simply by having too many children, may overmaster some families and strengthen others.
(42) Within their perverse psychic and corporeal plenitude, the pigs need only peep at Coverdale, a mockery through diminution of his large-scale attempt to overmaster by sustained looking.
They show how they themselves enabled the colonists to overmaster the scarcity: bookkeeping let trade thrive.
Just prior to this speech, modern editions of the poem have the Christian soldier Ubaldo prepare Rinaldo -- and the reader -- to dismiss Armida's plea as just one more entrapment: "[w]hat man is stronger than you," he asks Rinaldo, "if by seeing and hearing the Sirens you accustom yourself to overmaster them?
For more than 50 years, the United States used the inventiveness and productivity of its economy to overmaster Soviet advantages in numbers and geography.
Globalization is a much more polished and cosmopolitan overmaster than the old Southern power structure, but not any less ruthless as it bloodies heads worldwide, making a mockery of workers' rights and devastating entire communities.
He also comes back to Psalm 50: 15 during the next turning point of his life, a crisis that I shall discuss at length below, when he discovers a human footprint on the island and fear again threatens to overmaster him (153).
The only drawback (and our panel of unapologetic hopheads didn't have a problem with it) is that all those big hops tend to overmaster the Belgian yeast.
It should be noted, though, in the case of women, that they need not entirely fail of effectual being simply because they cannot go to war: feminine beauty (such as Helen's in Book III of the Iliad, and Hera's in Book XIV) can "overmaster" others as effectively as physical force (in the way that old men's counsel is effective too).
One day he remembers an ancient tradition: God has concealed in the world a magical sentence in the first day of creation; the decipherer of this sentence will gain an omnipotence power and overmaster evil.