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placed on or over something else


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At present, many scholars have studied the rupture laws of the overlying soil due to fault movements, and most studies adopted numerical simulation methods [1-5].
In this paper, the DICM is applied in similar material simulation experiment to test movement and deformation of the overlying strata during excavation; testing points' arrangement is optimally designed considering the difference of rock deformation in the overlying strata during excavation; and the accuracy of DICM is verified by comparing results obtained from the DICM, similar material simulation and numerical simulation.
This article presents the results of an assessment of the failure of overlying strata from the mining panel 340 206 at the 40th seam in the second block of the Darkov mining area.
* T4b: The tumor has invaded the orbital apex, brain, middle cranial fossa, or overlying cranial nerves.
The multi-layer coating is comprised of a polymeric layer overlying the surface of the article; a metal layer overlying the polymeric layer comprising at least one atomized metal; a corrosion inhibiting inorganic layer overlying the metal layer, wherein the corrosion inhibiting inorganic layer is a conversion coating; and a transparent top coat layer overlying the corrosion inhibiting inorganic layer.
Instead, the researchers sampled the top of an overlying 3-m-thick layer of slushy saltwater.
In sediments, inorganic nitrogen (ie., ammonium, nitrate, nitrite) can diffuse to overlying water, be adsorbed onto sediments, or be denitrified (2).
A 3 x 3-cm black eschar with an erythematous halo was noted in the central portion of a 7 x 7-cm area of firm indurated skin and subcutaneous tissue overlying the angle of the mandible (figure 1).
New measurements of the movement of the lake's overlying ice sheet could help scientists determine where to drill to get the freshest samples of that life without contaminating the lake.
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects of coupling between the oxic and anoxic portions of sediments on the flux of nutrients to overlying water.
Antiochos, Guillaume Aulanier, also of the Naval lab, and other researchers have proposed that an overlying magnetic field in the corona, acting like the lid of a pressure cooker, permits the energy to build up.
Unlike a classic hemorrhagic cyst, the overlying mucosa failed to vibrate and appeared to adhere to the lesion (figure 1).
Eventually, the overlying fields can no longer contain the swelling gas.
The module consists of 12 high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, each cell a half-inch-square flake of crystalline silicon with an overlying grid of fine metal "fingers" that tap into the photovoltaic current.
One possibility being explored, says Haxby, is that the upwelling and downwelling of mantle material pushes up and pulls down the overlying crust, making ripples in the seafloor topography and the gravity field.