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The Spanish Inquisition began in the 1480s to deal with the Jews and Moors in Spain, and in the late 1500s was used in the Netherlands when Protestantism, and unhappiness with Spanish rule, merged into a rebellion against Spanish overlordship.
Hitherto the Scots had rejected Arthur, the creation of Geoffrey of Monmouth, disqualified by his illegitimate birth from claiming overlordship over Loth.
From his grass-roots vantage, he witnessed the rise of the English Company, from its coastal enclaves and city-states to paramount overlordship in the subcontinent and the Indian Ocean.
There would have been more Muslims had there not been massacres of the Muslims after Montenegro liberated itself from Turkish overlordship.
The papacy was at this time struggling to recover from the nadir to which feudal disintegration had plunged it in the mid-ninth century, at which time "the popes themselves became puppets of rival factions contending the overlordship of Rome.
Similarly, Henry VIII's parliamentary claim to empire in the 1530s was territorial as well as caesaropapal, and was intended not only to assert the independent ecclesiastical authority of the crown but also English overlordship of Wales, Ireland and ultimately Scotland.
They have known numerous rebellions against Russian overlordship and were brutally repressed by both Tsars and Bolsheviks.
Moreover, during the 12th century, this English ecclesiastical overlordship was matched by political dominance.
Even the people of Amarassi, strong allies of the Portuguese, temporarily submitted to Dutch overlordship in 1750.
In their desperation, they pleaded that the tsars free the Rozhdestvenskii Monastery from its Borisoglebskii overlordship.
It recognizes the prestige of officership in all armies but questions the degree to which officers exercise overlordship in small armies, and about the type of professionalism practiced, focusing in particular on whether small armies in small states are as seized with the social responsibility of defending the state in circumstances where the state faces no significant external threat or where the small size of the army renders it incapable of fending off any significant external threat.
When Philip ascended to the throne in 1180, Henry II of England ruled more of France than his Capetian overlord; by his death in 1223 Philip had increased the royal estate to include Touraine, Maine, Amiens, and much of Poitou, adding to these the overlordship of Britanny.
Churchill was flustered; he attempted to reconcile what could not be reconciled by saying, 'If Herr Hitler were prepared to make peace on the terms of the restoration of the German colonies and the overlordship of Central Europe, that was one thing.