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not taken into account

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Zubiri explained that the recall will enable the Senate to 'correct an oversight in the coco levy regarding the P10-billion fund that was overlooked, including a sunset provision.'
One of the popular features on Rock on Neon (now Rock on Neon Live) is the overlooked gems/overlooked song of the week segments.
Now, thanks to a new book from Pentagram, an independent design consultancy firm, the often overlooked castings are the center of attention.
In "Overlooked New York: Impassioned New Yorkers from an Artist's Perspective" she has taken as her subject matter a impressive variety of her fellow New Yorkers who are distinguished by their hobbies, interests, pastimes, and pursuits.
Most of you are disappointed he has been overlooked again...
2 : to fail to see : miss <The detective overlooked an important clue.>
Q: I have recently been overlooked for promotion, and want to bring a tribunal claim for it.
For retro-fitting to cost-saving "green" design standards, existing and historic buildings may be architecturally challenging, but shouldn't be overlooked.
The publishing industry is another investment sector that is easily overlooked by investors who are unable to focus on the big picture.
One of the more interesting aspects of this book comes at the outset where Frick talks of the improving social position of the tailor (sarto) and the importance--and thus the substantive remuneration--of this overlooked trade during this time.
Overlooked by neighbours, the introduction of light through vertical incisions avoided the need to break up the roofscape, thereby allowing it to be read internally and externally as a unified enveloping surface.
The former Everton player said: "I'm sure Mr Eriksson knows of him but it's funny how Robbo keeps being overlooked he is performing to such a high level
As black graphic designers, our accomplishments are routinely overlooked in mainstream publications.
The substance-over-form doctrine provides that the legal formalities of a transaction may be overlooked when the true substance of the transaction is determinative of the incidence of taxation.
However, there is a very simple principle that he has overlooked. This one principle seems to escape all those who present similar "open border" points of view.