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not taken into account

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One of the popular features on Rock on Neon (now Rock on Neon Live) is the overlooked gems/overlooked song of the week segments.
2 : to fail to see : miss <The detective overlooked an important clue.
Q: I have recently been overlooked for promotion, and want to bring a tribunal claim for it.
The Agoura Hills High School senior said he likes to find overlooked scenes and document them with his camera.
As black graphic designers, our accomplishments are routinely overlooked in mainstream publications.
West End targets under-performing properties in overlooked communities," said Corzine.
However, there is a very simple principle that he has overlooked.
Unfortunately, this fundamental of the business is often overlooked for short-term, illusory market-share goals.
One can't even speak of his subjects as overlooked corners of the city, since in most of the images there is nothing to overlook.
Overlooked is the fact that working-class men had alternate ways of establishing their masculinity, such as hard drinking, heavy brawling, and performing work that required great physical strength.
Get the most out of your in-house experts, using the input of your editorial staff to target overlooked or niche markets, which will enhance the overall effectiveness of your mailing lists.
On the south street edge, a triangular pool overlooked by a sun deck separates the outside world from the private inner realm.
A graduate student who once mused about funny-looking patches on ants has discovered that the insects have a microscopic partner species overlooked despite about a century of study.
Trouble is, they overlooked other potential sources of failure.