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Synonyms for overleap

defeat (oneself) by going too far

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jump across or leap over (an obstacle)


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Turlington's blind suspicion overleaped at a bound all the manifest improbabilities which forbade such a conclusion as this.
In Italy, to be sure, the light of the Renaissance had its palpable shadow; in breaking away from the medieval bondage into the unhesitating enjoyment of all pleasure, the humanists too often overleaped all restraints and plunged into wild excess, often into mere sensuality.
The intellect pierces the form, overleaps the wall, detects intrinsic likeness between remote things and reduces all things into a few principles.
To decrease short flows completion time (SFCT), background traffic is transmitted along the preinstalled flow tables installed by controller, which can overleap the extra RTTs for installing flow tables.
If the general legislature should at any time overleap their limits, the judicial department is a constitutional check.
made him forget entirely the mere reasonings of justice, and overleap them by a diviner instinct.
As he explains in the introduction, "Three Eras of Experimental Vitalism," life's recalcitrance as a concept--its tendency to overleap its own bounds--became a provocation to new questions and new experimental protocols.
And something similar was true of the cultural orientation of The Double Dealer; for both Toomer and Faulkner, The Double Dealer was enabling at first, and then it lined up with a series of barriers that both authors' best works would have to overleap. (20)
Heterogeneus Euclidean Overleap Metric (HEOM) [21, 26] extends Euclidean distance and allows comparing vectors with unknown values.
The first is that a later deprivation inflicted by a refusal to return property to the party entitled might overleap or circumvent the immunity of its original expropriation and expose the refusing party to action even when there is no underlying bailment.
Nabokov's practice in these instances should be distinguished from the mise en abymc, a miniature replica of a text embedded in the text, since the world the detail-as-totality incarnates exceeds the mise en abyme's fractal or reiterative logic through the will to "idealize," "dematerialize," and "spiritualize." Propelled, to use Nabokov's words, by a "syncopal kick" (250), the detail-as-totality aspires, in other words, to overleap the real to reach imaginative locations within and beyond the text.
The hundred or so feet between signs function like the "creation of sizeable gaps between the units" that Hejinian describes in "The Rejection of Closure." She writes of how the reader "must overleap the end stop, the period, and cover the distance to the next sentence," just as the driver in Chasar's scenario is forced to wait for the next sign (quoted in Chasar 2012, 140).
It is not the case that "no destroyer could possibly overleap so grand a natural barrier in order to catch him" (141).
The incorporation of tabu search (TS) as a local improvement procedure emphasizes the algorithm HPSOTS to overleap restricted optima and demonstrate acceptable performance.