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protective covering consisting, for example, of a layer of boards applied to the studs and joists of a building to strengthen it and serve as a foundation for a weatherproof exterior

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A conservator's job is to preserve every bit of whatever is left of the original artwork, clean overlayers, put back only what is lost to make it look complete, and ensure that the artwork can withstand the vagaries of the environment, display, transportation and storage.
Caption: Figure 4: Band structures of the 13-layer Au(111) slab (a) and the slab with H overlayer (b, c), calculated in semirelativistic (b) and full relativistic (a, c) approximations.
Bawendi, "Synthesis of luminescent thin-film CdSe/ZnSe quantum dot composites using CdSe quantum dots passivated with an overlayer of ZnSe," Chemistry of Materials, vol.
More importantly, by studying the thermal stability of the Ba overlayer on the Ni(110) surface, we demonstrate the sensitivity of the low energy Auger electron spectrum to the overlayer order.
The Torres are water repellent, have articulated knees and can be worn as an overlayer or on their own.
Then the frequency shifts as the thickness and permittivity of overlayer varies without a dielectric or lossy substrate are presented in order to analyze fundamental limitations of the MTM sensor.
A hollow waveguide can be made, in principle, from any flexible or rigid tube (plastic, glass, metal, etc.) if its inner hollow surface (the core) is covered by a metallic layer and a dielectric overlayer. This layer structure enables us to transmit both the TE and TM polarization with low attenuation [4,5].
"You just take your LED as you buy it and coat a very thin overlayer using a standard photolithography process.
We would never remove any original polychromy, but we would pay a conservator to remove an overlayer.' Ms Fletcher estimates that a piece from the 'school of' one of the revered Baxandall names would go for 40,000 [pounds sterling] upwards.
For the example in Figure 8, much of the bulk material is sampled at the 0[degrees] takeoff angle, while a higher percentage of the photoelectrons measured would emanate from the overlayer at the shallower 45[degrees] takeoff angle.
It can overlayer images and the resulting tile lines (at the join of masters) are so thin as to render a large recombined production master as effectively seamless.
At the same time, combining an opaque plastic layer with an overlayer of transparent Lexan resin can hide wiring and other hardware.C[yen] Two-shot moulding and hydrographics are two important technologies auto designers are leveraging for these new translucent and transparent effects.
In contrast, in the MALDI-TOF MS approach, the lysate sample must also be diluted and then prepared according to the overlayer method as described in Materials and Methods, but the mass analysis of the globin chains is very fast and requires only a few seconds per sample.
9c and 9d, the graft-copolymerized VIDz or 4VP on the FPI-1 film surface exists as a distinctive overlayer. The rougher surface topography of the VIDz-g-FPI-1 and 4VP-g-FPI-1 films presumably will also facilitate the spatial interactions of the grafted VIDz or 4VP chains with the incoming metal atoms during the subsequent surface activation and electroless plating processes.
"This allows the acrylic base drawing to appear clearly through the oil overlayer.