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excessively large


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infant with her overlarge eyes will carry a hunger in her belly for
There's still lots to like about Roku, a company that some call "the largest pure-play company in the market" while also noting that Fidelity recently raised Roku's valuation by more than 20%--a sign that Fidelity's overlarge position in setting pre-IPO valuations might be part of the larger scheme of setting Roku on the path toward an IPO.
As a result, many schemes for nonlinear PD control were brought up [40, 41]; but for most of them, there were only parameters for PD, which meant that the coefficient of proportional and differential was still larger, and the output of torque was still overlarge.
Overlarge chassis with expansion slots for additional memory and video cards
Many Ohio dioceses have overlarge stock portfolios.
However, we find A-close and CHARM are still costly when mining long patterns or low minimum support thresholds in large database, especially, CHARM depends on the given data structure and need the overlarge memory.
It wasn't overlarge, which was good, as it was ample for a rich dessert.
The 54-year-old actress, who wore an overlarge pair of false teeth for the role, said in a US interview she had learned to talk like Thatcher without elocution lessons.
An overlarge conversion unnecessarily disrupts creditor expectations.
The liberals in the media like parts of Christie's overlarge presence on the GOP scene.
However, if the values of viscosity and of elasticity are overlarge, cell growth is restricted, thereby reducing the cell size.
The idea James Bamford was referencing in his criticism of the overlarge Utah data collection storage facility was President Dwight D.
Down the road at the Abyei gate, a young boy walks alone past the bunker, wearing overlarge shoes.
I presume to review this book, even though I am a contributor to it, because it is a fine representation of an increasing tendency across this land of resistance to a federal government grown inept, corrupt, overreaching, overlarge, and overintrusive.
Notwithstanding the above and considering the AF requirements, current AF structures of command and control are overlarge, mainly in case of strategic and operational level.