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Synonyms for overlap

a representation of common ground between theories or phenomena

the property of partial coincidence in time

a flap that lies over another part


coincide partially or wholly

extend over and cover a part of

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A sample of 5946 names (those appearing on each twentieth page) revealed 169 overlaps, almost one in 35 (a fraction of 0.
Gavel and Iselid's study [5] not only looked at the citation database Web of Science, but also studied the coverage overlap of various science, technology, and medicine (STM) databases.
Duplications and overlaps in management tended to occur when revenue agents from several different Industries were resident in a single post-of-duty.
These overlaps were selected in accordance with values currently used in sawmills.
The PVI has been found to have overlaps with the other measures of communication skills in current use.
Certain overlaps have been unavoidable as their activities have become more interwoven.
The main reason for choosing a less intense line is to avoid overlaps affecting the a line (Sec.
A computer program was employed to identify the overlaps and assemble the millions of sequences obtained.
The length of these overlaps may vary, and with careful design, the system can increase officer staffing levels to meet peaks in demand on both a daily and weekly basis.
The IRS does not, however, permit interest to be computed on a net basis where a taxpayer realizes an overpayment in one year that overlaps a deficiency that the taxpayer has already paid for a different tax year.
The winner was Niels Sigsgaard, of A5 Tegnestuen (now Nohr & Sigsgaard), who made two new elements: a long thin service strip to the north, and a new pool hall that overlaps the existing buildings and brings the whole together.
The discoverers of the Neandertal hyoid reported that the specimen overlaps with modern human hyoids on five of the same six measures (SN: 7/8/89, p.
This function largely overlaps those previously discussed.