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the capability to obliterate a target with more weapons (especially nuclear weapons) than are required

any effort that seems to go farther than would be necessary to achieve its goal

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Vanda Symon introduces a cheeky, brave new heroine in Overkill, the first in her Sam Shephard series of mysteries set in New Zealand.
"The SBP is going for the overkill. That's okay with me," said Guiao.
Starbreeze AB (STO:STARB) announced on Wednesday that Skybound, the license holder of OVERKILL's The Walking Dead, has filed a license related complaint with the main digital distribution platform for the Starbreeze game OVERKILL's The Walking Dead.
But in a statement, the club said the move was and "appalling invasion" of their football ground and "the most patently obvious example of vindictive overkill".
The quantitative global analysis of climate change in relationship to megafaunal extinction beginning approximately 100,000 years ago further contextualizes this period in human history; moreover, it calls into question the theory of Pleistocene overkill that has been widely accepted since it was first advanced by Paul S.
Overkill has developed the game Payday - The Heist and its products are chiefly distributed through digital distribution platforms Steam, Xbox Live and PSN.
"This level of overkill would be lovely for the next 10 years - that would be great.
London, Jun15 (ANI): To keep the growing interest in Twenty20 cricket intact, England fast bowler James Anderson has warned that too many matches of the shortest form of the game could result in a 'overkill'.
It was about time the classic look came back in vogue, after an overkill of designer drapes on the red carpet.
A video game called "House of the Dead: Overkill" has been named the most profane ever by Guiness World Records, a spokesman said Monday.
Peat (below) is indulging in classic cartoon overkill. Using a cannon when a water pistol would do by expelling Dundee, Ross County and Dunfermline from the elite youth set-up.
Kent captain Robert Key has warned of the danger of overkill in Twenty20 cricket when the shortened version of the game is expanded in England from 2010.
Overkill; sex and violence in contemporary Russian popular culture.
"The Twelve Days Of Christmas: Unwrapping The Gifts" by Curtis Almquist, SSJE (the Superior at the Society of Saint John the Evangelist in Cambridge, Massachusetts) invites the readers to avoid the holiday hype and commercial overkill of the season to reflect on the source of all the good gifts of life--love, forgiveness, joy, hope, peace, compassion, and sharing.
wheelbase makes this rear-drive two-seater more nimble, the E85-capable Caliber SRT-4 powertrain keeps it green, and the Viper-based front suspension and steering are probably overkill.