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In response to Imus's call for Christie to set a better example, Christie went on, in a mocking tone, to take up the stereotypes of overindulgent obesity for his own use, answering, "I am setting an example, Don.
The myth of the overindulgent student, it appears, is loosening its grip.
Carluccio's - which has a restaurant in Leamington - offers lighter, meat-free alternatives to anyone going on a health kick after an overindulgent December, as well as some heartier dishes.
That's how they change." After he calls one woman's overindulgent father a "mother[lover]" and urges her to "make the [toll free] call" to an ill-suited boyfriend, the woman says she didn't enjoy Robbins's attitude, but adds: "If he would have been all nice and namsy-pamsy, I wouldn't have done [anything]."
Titza, that's her name, will receive as much pleasure from the small items I have managed to pack as any overindulgent shopper streaming out of the Metro Centre.
An extended epilogue attempting to establish a Catholic connection with the play simply falls flat and comes across as dispensable, if not overindulgent.
More often than not we tend to get overindulgent or digressive.
According to the article, "The Coddling of the American Mind," by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, young people raised by overindulgent parents increasingly come to colleges and universities demanding protection from ideas that might challenge them.
Now on Broadway under Joe Mantello's technically immaculate (if overindulgent) direction, Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams play the two deeply troubled lovers (or is it predator and victim?) who meet again, 15 years after their affair (or is it crime?) was abruptly terminated.
It shouldn't be overshadowed by overindulgent marketing to out-of-state and foreign students' wealthy families.
Some pointed to an excess of free time or to overindulgent parenting.
The gradual accruing of discarded props in the centre of the stage was like the empty wine glasses and beer bottles left after an overindulgent late-night party - visual reminders of a good time, evidence of an evening well-spent.
So why has Swarovski spent nearly Rs 1 crore to create this extravagant, overindulgent venue?
Concern regarding overindulgent parents and their compulsion to relay a continuous loop of self-esteem building affirmation, both verbally and in the form of trophies and awards, served to create a picture of a generation that was self-indulgent and unaware of the sacrifices provided by their parents and generations past (Twenge & Foster, 2010).
Orlando, FL, March 22, 2015 --(PR.com)-- ITSUGAR.com is a “movement dedicated to the single-minded pursuit of everything frivolous, overindulgent and delightfully naughty.” More than just a specialty candy and gift retailer, ITSUGAR.com is an experience that offers a place that celebrates laughter, happiness and childlike euphoria.