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London-based credit-rating firm Fitch Ratings, Singapore-based DBS Bank, Moody's Investor Service and the local unit of ING Bank have been cited in news reports as saying fast credit growth, rising inflation and other factors were raising the risks of overheating for the local economy.
Rapid economic growth, surging imports and strong credit growth have fueled fears that the Philippines is overheating and that the central bank will soon be forced to hike interest rates to bring the economy under control.
According to the think tank, "fast economic growth on its own does not mean the economy is overheating, besides the Philippine's current growth is actually lower than many Asian economies sustained at similar levels of development.
The head of the Philippines central bank has said that the economy is not overheating.
A common cause of engine overheating is low coolant (also known as antifreeze).
Last month, the EMSD received a report of serious overheating at the bottom of the model again.
The overheating represents a fire hazard and while no fires
Troubleshooting found switch overheated, burned and power wire showed evidence of overheating.
com/t5/Xperia-Z2/Overheating-problems-with-Xperia-Z2/td-p/705013) reported overheating issues when recording videos at 4K resolution.
Engine overheating is a common phenomenon, but if you continue driving when your engine is overheated, chances are that you will blow the cylinder head.
21 ( ANI ): Japan's National Consumer Affairs Center has reportedly issued a warning about smartphones overheating after an yearly surge in smartphone-caused burn accidents was witnessed.
That overheating and one a few days earlier on a 787 parked at Boston's Logan airport prompted aviation regulators in the US, Japan and elsewhere to ground the global fleet of Dreamliners for more than three months.
The latest incident involving Boeing's newest jetliner comes a year after overheating batteries on 787s prompted aviation regulators worldwide to ground the aircraft for more than three months.
Risk of overheating and catching fire Recalled March 2012
Although overheating in buildings is often defined with respect to thermal comfort, given the escalating warming trends it stands to reason that overheating risk assessments must include means to quantify the state of being overheated in ways relevant not only to comfort but also to health, especially considering the growing elderly population who are among the most vulnerable to heat stress.